Ellesse, Easter & Eats

Happy weekend to the online world! I've had a particularly good two weeks since I last posted - have been very much so in 'the real world' and not much online time minus my ever-present love for Instagram.. I had the great opportunity of working on an amazing shoot with really talented people, which I look forward to posting more about - there's some BTS images in my posts/tagged images of me on my IG.

I am a massive fan of the brand Ellesse and I particularly love their sweatshirts.. the construction of their clothes always feels really luxe to me, and they fit so nicely! Featured here is one of my favourite sweatshirts of theirs, it's last season but they have a load of great pieces still in JD's here.

(find the detail listings and the look on LB HERE!)

I wanted to incorporate a streetstyle look into my presentation and did so with this sweatshirt! Also featuring my beloved Adidas Superstar runners, haha. I see rakes of people wearing them always with jeans or jeggings and for the styling course that I took, I wanted to show that they're just as easily styled with a skirt.

This wig is favourite of mine.. it's the Jasmine in CL-082 from Arda Wigs, their quality is awesome and the construction and fit of their wigs is brilliant. I cut and layered this one to work either worn down or up in a ponytail as it was designed. I initially bought it for my Yin cosplay but have incorporated it into a lot since then.

I cut my hair all off into a pixie last September and to be honest, I liked it for maybe 2 weeks and then it was just a nightmare - the growing out process has been a serious exercise in patience and really disliking my reflection a lot of the time, sadly! I'm glad I cut off all my damaged hair and I'm glad it's growing out so thick and healthy (it's grown 4" in 6 months) but I'll never be cutting my hair that short again. It's very un-versatile for me and again, the growth process is not fun in the slightest. I'm loath to get extensions as I want to damage my hair as little as possible, so wigs are excellent for the transitional phase.

Additionally here is some of the lovely food I've eaten over the past while - I went to have brunch with my family on Easter and it was superb, my äiti (mum) is an awesome cook. She's the only non-coeliac in our family but she cooks gluten-free like a total pro, and her creations are always so wonderful. I'm really grateful to have been raised by two foodie parents who gave me very explorative tastes. One of my earliest food memories (from around 3 years old, I know because it was prior to my sister being born) was the intensity of flavour and the touch sensation of dipping and eating artichoke in melted butter.. mmm..

A Very Finnish tasting (and delicious!) salmon pie with egg and dill
The spread.. nom!! Can you spot the dish of leipäjuusto? (it's a kind of baked Finnish cheese) I made a very good attempt at demolishing it's existence.. haha!
To the right is another awesome dish my äiti made.. a vegetarian and gluten-free lasagna with all vegetables and beans.. it was so damn good, I had third servings by that evening!
I feel like I'm the only person nearly (well, my partner also as I roped him into the idea..) that didn't have Easter eggs.. I was intent upon being a Wise Frugal Adult and only buying the chocolate at cut-price post Easter, but it's long gone now and I never got around to it.. oops! That being said I'm not a huge chocolate fan either way.. my favourite kind is this 99% dark that you can get in O' Conaills down in Cork. It's so delicious and bitter and perfect!! They need to branch out up to Dublin!

Asparagus with kefir, lemon & pepper, sweet potato stirfry with kale & sprouted lentils, chickpeas and mung beans
#tahticooks veg 24/7 x 365 
Gluten-free wholegrain with hummus on one, cucumber & lactofree cheese on the other, coconut soy yoghurt with linseed & goji berry topping, stir-fried Indian spiced spinach with sprouted legumes & pumpkin seeds
Simple but tastyyyy, wholegrain bagel with cucumber/cream cheese, more stirfried spinach with pumpkin seeds! I love green foods so much.. broccoli was (and still is) my favourite vegetable as a kid, haha! ♥
I'll leave you with this track, just because it brings back for me all the good feels from Big Hero 6!! I love that film, my sister got me to watch it with her around Christmastime. I'm quite emotional while watching movies and I was so very much that during this - tears and hysterics and heart pangs and soars! I loved it.. I want a Baymax to hug, haha!..

T xo


  1. Anonymous6/4/16 08:37

    Love this look and the wig on you! Are you going to start wearing them more in your lookbooks? :)

    1. Thank you!! It's pretty awesome, I love it too ^.^ I probably will as my hair is growing out (as mentioned) and it's a kind of awkward length at the moment.