Pantone Pop

One of the most interesting pieces of information I learned on my course was how Pantone controls the colours.. it was really fascinating to me in many aspects, such as how they will have the colours planned seasons/years in advance, and how this can tie into styling and also my own personal wardrobe, i.e., the knowledge that the fashion flow will have X colour 2 seasons away so think twice about giving away that top because it will be a big colour once more!

The second look in my LBS presentation was the Pantone Pop LBS - I had a pair of Acne heels in Fiesta and a blouse in Limpet Shell that fit the shade near perfectly, as well as the wig which is similar to the Lilac Gray.

Find this look on LB here!
boom! - my teacher called this one 'the money shot' haha.. ♥

I love what Pantone have written in regards to S16 colours too:
A Unisex Palette
Colors this season transcend cultural and gender norms. Vivid brights give way to excitement and optimism, though quiet stability prevails in this season’s palette. For Spring 2016 there are truly no perceivable distinctions in color choices between the men’s and women’s collections, both of which focus on a desire to breathe and reflect, then play.
The greater turn towards unisex and gender neutral clothing (such as Zara's unisex collection) is a breath of fresh air in fashion to me, and I hope the neutralization can extend and gradually form in peoples mindsets also.

The draping on this ALYEN skirt is incredible, it fits to form so elegantly

I've been working hard this weekend to locate and replace the broken image links in my blog, and have done nearly half. It's a strange trip down memory lane for me, as I'm viewing these images and seeing that it was really just one, fashionable face that I showed the online world. My memory lane is far deeper, darker and murkier, but the images trigger the memories alongside it.. it's an interesting process, to say the least.

I'm really happy to be back blogging.. a lot of 'behind the scenes' to the internet, i.e., my actual life in reality, has happened. The details are messy and many but I like to believe in a quote that I read once;

never regret anything, 

because at some point in your life,

that was exactly what you wanted

Which is so very apt, and rings true. I can look at myself in the mirror today and say honestly that I like the person inside - the human I had to break down to pieces and rebuild, and the human that I am today. I like her! She is a nice, kind person.
(so that's my tidbit of 'behind the scenes' to the internet for today!..)

Until next time!


  1. So cool re colours! I saw the same ones ( as predicted) in a fashion magazine .
    And Bomber Jacket! Are you going to style one soon? Great to see your looks again - you have such an eye ♡♡♡

    1. Thank you so much! ^.^ they're really big indeed.. these were my favourite from the lineup, minus the lilac naturally - being my always-favourite from anything, haha!
      (and I wear a bomber jacket so often.. need to photograph it!) xo

  2. I'm very glad you come back to blogging. I really like you and your photos. <3 kisses

    1. You're too sweet! Thank you so much, that means a lot to me! <3