Donegal | Dhún na nGall

One of my goals in treatment (and even prior to that) was to visit Northern Ireland. Growing up in the very South-West led me to have little knowledge of the North, other than the typical things you'd learn growing up (The Troubles, the religious issues, the marches, the Giant's Causeway, that they had the best accents in Ireland [but the worst to listen to when you were sitting your Gaeilge tape test] et cetera.)

I finally got the chance at the beginning of this year to visit it, Donegal - and I was so taken aback by the beauty and raw fierceness of the county. I think images speak louder than me waxing lyrical about it, but I truly loved it there. I felt at home nearly in a sense, having spent my childhood in a somewhat-similar coastal area - the winding roads, the looming craggy mountain, the potholes... all familiar but with a delicious difference that the wild county of Donegal gave it.

without further ado...

St Eunan's Cathedral

A serendipitous sign find... keep coming back!!
Rabble Children Statue

Driving through the craggy snowed mountains...

Queen Maeve Mountain... my sisters namesake!
Beautiful, no?

T xo


  1. Donegal accent, best accent! The road looks so cold and icy.

    1. Agreed, definitely! So melodic and beautiful to listen to.
      It was really raw and icy... so wonderful to see snow!