ALYEN Androgyny

A tired yet warm hello to the online world! 

Last night I graduated from the amazing course I was taking in Dublin Institute of Design (Advanced Image Consultancy & Fashion Styling) taught by the top Irish stylist Laura Jordan of StyleSavvy, who is a wonderful teacher, and a very warm and personable lady to boot. 

I shot 3 looks for the presentation and now, I present to you the first!
Androgynous LBS

Outfit details are listed on LB - find the look here!

Our final presentation was to style and conceptualize a shoot (it involved creating moodboards, location sourcing, et cetera - super fun as while it was work, it was work I loved and was therefore so fun..) - I based my concept around the LBS - Little Black Skirt - as I literally have so many in my wardrobe and I find it as much of a staple as the LBD.

The course was highly enjoyable, I loved learning about all the different aspects of the industry - some I was familiar with, some less, and it was an awesome learning experience. I'm really delighted to have taken it and made some wonderful connections throughout it also.

Love this ALYEN top so much.. I have it in black too..
I featured a brand I adore heavily in the presentation - ALYEN - click for their site! Their pieces are eco-friendly and they use real models. The designer is a real talent - the way she cuts and drapes and works with the fabric is unreal, it flows so wonderfully while maintaining an distinctive shape.


Until next time,

T xo