Adore is Dynamite

I've been listening to this track on repeat today - Adore is my forever favourite drag queen and racer, I sorely regret missing out on seeing her preform when she was in Dublin last. I'm re-watching my favourite seasons or RPDR in preparation for the new upcoming and I just fall in love with her all over again when I watch her!

I really enjoy the video - the song is bomb as, but the raw tease that is the accompanying visuals really makes the track. Wonderfully shot with the changing aspect ratio, it makes me feel nearly like a voyeur to an amazing party.. the colour schemes are on point too, the palette used it really effective.. loving it, bravo Adore!! ♡

(also looking through my posts so many photos are missing.. bear with me because I tended to upload them to Tinypic etc and they eventually just disappear. I'm fairly sure I have them all saved on my ancient Macbook so the re-uploading with commence with haste!..)

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