.:moving forward & looking behind:.

To begin, I will reach out to all the people who took the time to share a word of kindness, or even just in their mind, thought of Alex for a moment, in a beautiful way. Thank you.

I've spent the past five days with my sister (who on the same day, also had a very traumatic event occur) the time together has been so very healing. I am so blessed to have a incredibly close bond and relationship with her, and she has been such a rock for me throughout my life.

I have not been taken pictures very much these past few days, but I promise I will get my glutes in gear, haha! Instead I will show you my favourites of a shoot I did when I was still living in Liverpool... Alex came to see the exhibition with me, so it's a good memory. 

 Photographer: Darren Harwood 
   Wearable Art: Susan Comer  
   Make-up: Steven Connolly   
     Model: Tahti Syrjala     

Here is a silly lil' outtake compilation too from some of the shot I took with Steven. 

I guess that's all for now until I finish doing Life Things and come back to write a decent post. My love to you all and cyberspace hugs sending... now
(they arrive when you read it. I give good hugs, too.. ehehe)


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