Fatoumata, "Universal Flow", many 'new years'

I was recently introduced to this musician by a close friend of mine during a catch-up night that was well needed... we hadn't seen each other in over a year. He was travelling the world and came back with so many beautiful stories to tell and photos to share, life experience I yearn for.

Beautiful on many seen and unseen levels- she is pulchritudinous, and her poetry, beats phrases and the epitome of beauty.
It's all a matter of time, though... nothing is solid, life is so fluid and flows like water. Being an intense earth sign (Taurus, Aries rising) I sometimes have difficulty with this flow.

I'm excited for 中国新年 (Chinese New Year) because it's my zodiac sign! 羊 - sheep/goat. I'll plan some celebrations maybe for that.

My college course begins again this Monday and I'm looking forward to it in some ways, and not in others. I have been candid with my mental difficulties and substance issues before and perhaps I'll continue to do so- truth is freeing. I'm trying to get back into running intensely and vinyasa yoga in the next 3 months (mini year resolutions! Called it. 4 mini years in 1 year. I'm on #mini1 ... ehehehehhe.) Trying to get the 'natural high' from all of these, and natural goodness from my body by not destroying it with toxins and incorrect food items. So far I've been eating with my pitta dosha in mind- full on veganism does not suit my constitution as I crave protein too much. Ovo-vegetarianism probably? I suppose the label does not particularly matter... what does matter though is that in #mini1 I want to stay as clean, happy and healthy as I can. Running as much as I feel like every week, yoga daily, college work on time and completed to satisfaction + , basically... just make my insides and outsides be in harmony and restore balance to my life.

What about anyone reading this? What do you think of mini-years? How are you feeling, and are you feeling Fatoumata's music?

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