Galisfly Collaboration

I was contacted by Gal to collaborate with her and her exquisite jewellery- this post is very late, and I would like to publicly apologize for that fact, and also thank Gal for the opportunity. If you haven't seen her site yet, do go now - and as a disclaimer I apologize to your bank account, but congratulate your accessory wardrobe. Seriously.

I received the Mixed Midi Ring Set in rose gold, with incredibly fast tracked shipping (from Tel Aviv to Ireland) and here are my photos of the product.

As you can see, the rings are adjustable, making them fantastic for placement on any kind of fingers. I specified to Gal that I have slender fingers yet larger knuckles, and she was very helpful and picked the perfect set for me.

They are really quite delicate and lovely, yet very sturdy- the strength in even the super-thin three rings is fantastic, with no sign that it will bend. The rose gold is really a beautiful colour also- I'm usually a silver fan, and rarely wear gold anymore, yet I found the rose-tinted kind matched nicely with my skin and set off the peach tones in it.

I loved the subtle elegance yet stand-out quality the set had and I wanted to style it as such- when I look for those qualities, I tend to head straight for my mother's vintage wardrobe (kiitos paljon aiti!) and find something that has just that- subtly striking elegance. These trousers are from 1975 and by Design Research. I have so many wonderful pieces from Marimekko in particular that I feel very blessed to be able to wear. The construction and the material of well-made vintage clothing is simply incredible to me, the long-lastingness of it is unfathomable in comparison to a lot of of today's items which fall apart (relatively) after a few washes. (I suppose the higher end clothing is of better quality but hey... recession... student life... ehhh...)

In conclusion, I would highly recommend this product because the quality is fantastic and what really sold me was the strength of the small rings, and the versatility of being able to loosen and tighten the larger rings. It provides a multitude of opportunities for how to stack and style your rings! Love it.

Note: this product was sponsored, but all my opinions of the product are true to my experience.

Now it's time to crash and read more Ripley. (how I admire that talented man...) forgot the kind of time amount blogwork can create! But this was really fun. I've noticed a lot of my images are broken links from past posts, I'm going to work on fixing that throughout the next week.
I hope there are still some of my former readers reading me or that you find me again. Please leave a comment, I'd love to here from you/interact! Hope the weekend is going well for all of you.

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