The Mersey

When I first came to the UK I felt lost - mainly because of the change to residing in a totally urban environment, in contrast to the country. I hadn't realized how much peace nature gave to me before I couldn't access it - I dreamt of wandering through forests and going to the hillsides, feeling the distance, cloaked in quiet.

But when I looked past the immediate concerete, I started seeing the most beautiful sights. The sky is so vast, it's indescribable - I feel like I'm in Finland when I tilt my head backwards and let the blue envelop me. Spin your head and there are no mountains obscuring your vision, just a canvas painted by God, slow-moving, ever-changing.

The Mersey reflects this painting and creates one of it's own. When the sky and the water merge, there are no words I can tell to describe the beauty, the calm, the colour. The Mersey's water contains the intangible remnants of a thousand human emotions, forgotten by the shore, by time, circumstance, death. Standing by this body of water feels as humbling as staring at countless clear stars - how small we are, how much time has passed before us, how much more the world has been shown than I could ever see.

When you look across, you can see the iconic Liverpool city skyline. When it's grey, everything has an undertone of the purest lilac.

When the tide goes out, it's amazing - the rocks are covered in snails! All over! I didn't even realize until I looked up close.

Many years ago, my dad was listening to this very song. It's so fascinating to me how life creates these kind of links.

Gerry and the Pacemakers - Ferry Cross the Mersey


  1. Dear Tahti. This post was so incredibly beautiful it made me cry, in a good way! I had to leave the river I loved...seeing your pictures and reading your words made me think 'yes, yes, I know!' The last picture is a modern age Turner!

  2. Kiernan Burke3/7/12 13:19

    Beautiful. As beautiful as your soul.

  3. Karmen Došen4/7/12 07:15

    Aww, this is all so beautiful... :')

  4. This is incredibly lovely, almost entirely because the little beautiful things contrast with the urban weirdness.

    Also. SNAILS.

    BruiseMilk Blog

  5. Just take the train up to Formby pinewoods if you feel like getting lost in nature~ :)

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