What with Irish weather never truly knowing if it's going to be icy or not, I realize I looked slightly mad this morning walking home - in an effort to keep my head warm, I had on a hat, scarf, and two hoods of hoodies pulled up around my noggin. The effect being that I was nicely steamy, but when I caught sight of my reflection I realized the layers had morphed into an insane pixie style poof, sticking up mainly vertically, and blurring my face from view. Small wonder the people I passed either walked to the other side to avoid me, or stared at me with a very confused expression. My mother was reminiscing to me upon her growing-up-years in Finland, and how there would always be one item that would get fashion-conscious girls through the misery of the freezing months. Dressing for cold is a nightmare, is there any way to be stylish? The lack of proper winter clothing in my wardrobe leads inevitably to me layering so many jumpers I look like a lump of wool waddling down the path...

Oh dear, I'm a day late to say - winner of the Them Atelier jeans is Jen from the blog Gun Street Girl! I have discovered the wonderful world of the 'snood' - a name a still do not fully understand. I had a makeshift one of these when I was fifteen or so, but I thought of it more as a 'detached-hood'... Either way, they're fantastic, and if you bundle up two of them you have no worries about cold noses, faces, ears, neck or shoulders. You can also hide bad hair days very effectively. Win!

Do you have your Christmas lights strung yet, for those of you who celebrate the holiday? This is undoubtedly my favourite part of the season, the lights - providing they are the plain, unmoving ones, not the obnoxious multi-coloured flashy-flashy. They make me so happy! This is also my cats favourite time of year. He has an addiction to chewing on ribbons, and you can find him most days gnawing at the presents...

Infect - Angelspit

Rabbiteen - Jack Off Jill


  1. Cute pic and great post!


  2. I live in Finland, I winter is my favourite time of year! It's the easiest to style and keep things interesting by endless possibilities of layering and textures.

    xxx Charlie
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  3. You look beautiful either way! Haha! Also, I wish it would get cold here (I'm in Colorado, USA)! It's almost in the 50s still!

  4. COngrats with new jeans)
    About freezing- it's the same thing in Ukraine now. Too cold!
    So Tahti, I complete understand you. I bought high winter fur-lind boots on an acerege heel, got a snood too and American Eagle very warm parka.
    I must admit that this parka is amazingly stylish and keep be warm from the neck to the knees!
    Maybe you should try it too?

    Stacey from http://owlsareawesome-uliss.blogspot.com/

  5. Did you deliberately fail to mention what that magical ONE item of clothing is that got your mom through winter in Finland?

  6. Maria ; No... ;/ It changed every year, as fashion changes every year.

  7. Its still rediculously cold here too. We shouldnt have had nearly two foot of snow in the Lincolnshire wolds. Pretty snood btw.

  8. Walking home from your boyfriends? You're back together? :o

    And I live in FL, I have no clue how to look good in cold when you have to LAYER. All I know is a coat with boots mixed with either tights and a skirt or jeans with warm accesories. I'd be lost with more layers needed ._.

  9. This season I have discovered the wonder of mid-calf boots with leg warmers pulled up above the knees. Paired with an ushanka and a mid-length coat and scarf, the only part of me that is cold is the few inches of face that sticks out between my furry brim and earflaps!

    My roommate put the lights up above the window and front door inside our living room as it's the one places the cats can't get at. I got up in the middle of the night and found one of them trying to eat the Christmas tree :/

  10. Ahh, I love Jack Off Jill, haven't listened to them in a long time! Your snood looks beautifully comfy, too.


  11. I am a total fail at dressing up in the cold and looking fashionable at the same time...I have an idea: try getting a really, really warm coat and layering a couple of long sleeves (layer an unbuttoned flannel shirt after all the layers of long sleeves, layer some warm tights and wear some nice warm boots (that's what I did when I went to Shanghai when I was weather-shocked).
    Regarding people staring at you, that happens to me a lot and I normally ignore them.


  12. still have decorations to put up and presents to buy and wrap...but i love this time of year!

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  14. That's a funny post :)

    kisses from Florence!

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