Black Summer

Here are some tracks for your listening interest, I haven't posted many lately as I've been stuck in a music rut, but I think I'm leaving that behind now. The Glitch Mob track in particular is very cool, I strongly suggest you have a listen. Just make sure you have maximum bass - as always! Speaking of being stuck, I always stop really caring about what I wear during the summer time. I can't handle heat or sun at all (anything higher than 16 celcius and I begin to sulk) make-up melting is beyond infuriating, and I tend to despise all summer fashions too - so this is why I haven't been posting too many outfits and such lately. I don't think anyone finds black leggings/jumper or black dress/tights very thrilling visually - I bore myself actually, so I shan't pass this ennui on to you. I always manage to save a lot of money in the summer though, seeing as I can't bring myself to like anything that's in the stores, so that is the positive.
I nearly forgot to say - I had an absolutely lovely nineteenth birthday, and a huge thank you to all those who wished me well! It was a very foodie day mainly, which is exactly what I had hoped for. My mother made me a beautiful spread of food with all my favourites around midday - blueberries and green grapes, rye bread and smoked salmon rolls with avocado, cucumber, cream cheese and ginger to name a few. I went out to dinner, where I had a huge platter of incredibly beautiful and fresh sushi and sashimi - I fully believe the fish had been alive and swimming in the bay that morning - of scallops, cod and salmon, with sides a pickled ginger salad, celeriac soup, baby asparagus, and bread with the best olive paste I've ever eaten. Of course I gave my compliments to the chef! Then I went home and ate the desserts I made, lemon tart and laskiaispulla. I think that was about all food wise!... Present-wise, I'm not very 'into' that - I'm just waiting on my beautiful Miu Miu's to arrive to me. That will be a glorious day!

edIT - Ants

The Glitch Mob - Nalepa Monday (RMX)

Distance - Radical

Nasa - Apple Juice

I'm not sure if I like this skirt or not. I bought it second hand in Finland last summer, and I've only worn it about twice. Either way, it went nicely with the socks-and-shirt schoolgirl look I felt like wearing. My kneecaps look hilariously tiny in this picture... I'm very fine boned, I get prodded a lot with cries of 'oooh, your bones are so small!'
(I feel the need to somehow justify that comment to whoever may be reading - and I'm not saying it in a gloating way at all, before you get the wrong idea. I was very short for years, then when I turned twelve or so I had a huge growth spurt of nearly a foot, but my bones actually never really grew outwards at all, leaving me with very small bones/bone frame - especially my hips and ribcage - this is also why any weight I put on shows so quickly. My theory to this is as follows - last year I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and I think I actually developed it when I was thirteen or so, as my symptoms had been occurring since then [very brittle and thin nails and hair, terrible muscle tone, depression, insomnia, anaemia, very low body temperature, and more - if this sounds like you, go get checked now!] so this stunted my growth. I've been on thyroid medication for nearly a year now though, and the difference it makes is truly amazing! Still no normal kneecaps though, aha.)

Anyway, you can find this on LB HERE. Thank you again to everyone for their lovely comments and kind words - not only in reference to my birthday wishes, but in general!


  1. Your hair is amazing. And I love the skirt!

  2. I love how the sheer theme is continued from the top to the tights :)
    I've never heard of hypothyroidism before... Glad the medication helps though :)

  3. love it, sounds like you had a fantastic birthday! the descriptions of the food had me drooling at my laptop, the fresh seafood and deserts... mmmm!

    i understand what you mean about the bones thing, i have ridicolously narrow hips, which is sought after by many, but i think it makes me look all awkward and bow-legged :/

    anyhoo, lovely post as always!

  4. I love the positioning of your feet.

  5. wow.


  6. Ha! I love that someone loves the positioning of your feet - that is so lovely!!

    Your hair is so long - it is incredible, poetic..!

    Charlotte xx

    The Style Rail

  7. Anonymous5/5/10 19:20

    Pretty extensions <3

  8. You are sooo pretty! Shit, I wish I had your hair;)

  9. love the secretary look!
    the skirt is cute.

  10. I just learned about hypothyroidism in class today. Does it ever go away?
    You look lovely though xx

  11. Just wanted to say I LOVE your style so much

    Ill be doing a feature on you within the next few days on my blog :)

    Would I be able to email just 5 questions over to you to go with it?

    Thanks so much for being an inspiration!

    Char x

  12. you are so very incredibly stunning, it makes me blush! lovely post as always!



  13. way to cool. so in love with your style & hair misses!

  14. Wow!!!! Just came across this blog & love it.... How have you not been snapped up by Vogue already

    Ps. I want your red hair :)

  15. I think the fact that your bones are so thin somehow fits with your elfin appearance (the beautiful face, pale skin and thin limbs). You look a bit like you're from another world, somehow. Anyway - this outfit is gorgeous!

  16. Love the skirt! You have tiny little pixy knee caps! Very small indeed.
    That sounds like a very very tasty birthday!

  17. Always the queen of gothic-inspired looks! And happy birthday ! x)

  18. So beautiful, it's unreal.

  19. stunning pic!

    if u want check out my blog!

  20. Your hair is perfect!!!
    Mel (Brazil)

  21. Love your musical tastes, this Glitch Mob track is a killer, each time i visit your blog is a new surprise... Besides, you look perfect as usual.


  22. hey! i have the same medical condition with you, but you look really really amazing all the time!