I finally gave up trying to beat the various seasonal viruses I was afflicted with for the past week, and went and got some antibiotics today. 2 down and I feel brand new already. I'm not sure if I should feel like a failure because I can't battle onwards without antibiotics, or happy that I feel better? Either way, just in time, because I'm going to be styling a shoot this Wednesday, which I'm looking forward to. Getting clothes, shoes et cetera tomorrow. In a random note, an anonymous poster told me I looked like a prettier version of Voldemort today. Oddly enough, that actually made my morning - I love Voldemort, I think he looks so savage!
I rediscovered our juicer recently, and I'm loving it - I always try and get into the habit of eating breakfast, but I just never feel hungry, or even want food, until about 12. In steps the juicer to give me some morning calories/enzymes/vitamins in a tasty format! My favourite is very simple - 2 bitter green apples, 1 lemon, and some grated nutmeg - it's really sour, so if you try it, be wary! Smelling and eating nutmeg seems to make me happier. This doesn't seem to work with anyone else, but maybe someone should try it and let me know if I'm onto something!
Below is a detail shot of Liam's finished picture of me (added background & various) it's so lovely! You can also read an article about me written by Sweta Bhattacharya for her local paper by clicking HERE.

My head is swimming to the tune of what I can only term for myself 'drinking music'. Here are a few of my favourites. Enjoy!

The Horrors - Draw Japan

Dr Dre ft. Ice Cube - Natural Born Killer

Acid Bath - Tranquilized

I love AW shows - my personal style and likes just gel better with autumn fashions, I think. My favourite show so far has been Alexandre Herchcovitch - what a discovery! If I could afford the entire collection, I'd buy it. That said, I don't know where it's available - must search. The shoes remind me of a pair of my old New Rocks, with the plated detail on the front toe.
For all that hoped velvet was a seasonal glitch, it seems not so - I think a few months wait will leave me brave enough to try it for the first time since I still measured my age in single digits! Words cannot describe how much I love Versus' collection, the cut-out details on the dresses are just so stunning. In order below are Herchcovitch, Versus, and some various jacket details.


  1. really, the second row is amazing. love the dark tones, and the goth and medieval era-inspired clothes. very cool!

    fashion atelier.

  2. Nice post, Tähti.Good choise.
    Herchcovitch is a great Brazilian designer, indeed. The fashion press here, in Brazil, use to say he has his brains out of of his head!

    He has a website but it only ship to Brazil.


  3. Tähti, I drank the lemon juice with nutmegs. and I added some apples. I would say it is so delicious. The mixture of nutmegs and lemon has a nice smelling. Thank you for suggesting this nice beverage.

  4. Wow, those outfits are wonderful! Especially loving the last image.

  5. So happy for you if you're getting better !!
    I made a jacket similar to the Burberry one (but better, and plus I did it before so I'm kind of proud xD) simply by taking a plain black Sisley coat with black buttons and adding gold 'military' ones instead... and the result is quite cool !

    Anyway, I like the ones you chose here !


  6. Wauw love it all!
    x amber

  7. Love love loooove Versus!!

    And congrats on the article! Getting nice feedback on the internet is like crack for me, so addicting! Your blog is one of my favourites so I'm glad you're getting the recognition you deserve :)

  8. That's a beautiful portrait of you! And, I am so in love with those outfits. The jackets are just amazing and those dresses! Everything is perfect. Thanks for sharing =)

  9. Tahti!
    Congratulations on that write up in the paper! I'm so glad to see someone like yourself obtaining recognition for pure individuality.
    You have been an enormous source of inspiration on my end, both in fashion and the simple fearlessness of being yourself.

  10. I like your self irony ;)

    And the idea of the morning juice. Also thanks for sharing this oppinion on Alexandre Herchcovitch :)


  11. love the A/W shows and the illustration is amazing


  12. whoaaa,,,what a cool artwork!!

    and the Horrors is one of my fave band!!
    good pick!



  13. that drawing is beautiful :)


  14. Herchcovitch is one the best brazilian designers and such an icon for my generation. I love his work, he's a genius!
    Some awesome designers from Brazil:
    Reinaldo Lourenço
    Gloria Coelho
    Lino Villaventura
    Pedro Lourenço
    Mario Queiroz (menswear)

    Hope you enjoy the search! Kisses.

  15. nice, i always like the autumn shows the most as well. interesting to see you are a fan of acid bath as well!