Cameo & Wingtips

I have two recipes for you all today... The first is an absolutely delicious muffin recipe, even though it would probably be classed as a faux-muffin. It is very eating allergy friendly - it's gluten free, honey is used instead of sugar, and for those with issues with all kinds of grains, fear not! It uses nuts instead of flour. The eggs can also be substituted, as well as the butter - so it's vegan friendly, too! The second is an amazing gluten-free chocolate cake - also made with no flour. These recipes are from two books, the River Café Cookbook, and Breaking the Vicious Cycle - that title sounds so ominous!... Anyway, let's begin!

FAUX-MUFFINS (gluten-free, flour-free, sugar-free, vegan)
2 1/2 cups of ground almonds, or mix of nuts (almonds are the best IME, try adding a few walnuts)
1/4 cup of melted butter OR 1/4 cup of yoghurt OR small amount of fruit juice
1/2 cup of honey
1/2 tsp baking soda
Pinch of salt
3 eggs OR use puréed fruit to hold ingredients together

Heat the oven to 190 celcius. After grinding the nuts in a blender (or not, if you have ready-ground) empty them into a bowl. Mix eggs and honey (or substitutes) together thoroughly. Add the mixture to the nuts, and blend. Add butter (or substitutes) as needed to bring to a muffin batter consistency, and blend in baking soda and salt. Line muffin-tin with papers, spoon the batter in until half full. Bake for about 15-20 minutes or until muffins spring back when pressed.
Other optional ideas are using berries with this mix, or zest, or mashed bananas... et cetera!
N.B. - it is difficult to back muffins without regular flour, so the muffins may fall after they have been removed from the oven - this will not change their taste.

200g 70% dark chocolate
5 eggs
150g butter
2 tbsp cocoa powder
115g caster sugar

Heat the oven to 180 celcius. Melt the chocolate with the butter in a bain-marie, remove just before the chocolate has melted completely. Allow to cool for a few minutes - while you're waiting, separate the eggs. When cooled, whisk in the egg yolks, then stir in the cocoa and sugar. In a separate bowl, beat the egg whites until they form soft peaks, then fold the whites into the chocolate mixture. Pour into a 20cm greased & floured loose-based cake tin. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes, or until it has risen like a soufflé. Then find a plate that fits in the cake cake perfectly, and press firmly, the weight it down. Leave for a further 30 minutes. Then decorate with icing sugar, and tuck in!

I watched There Will Be Blood last night - finally - what a powerful movie, I can't stop thinking about it today. It was so unapologetic. I put my old extensions in today, but I took them out pretty much immediately - it turns out my hair has grown to the point where they don't live up to their namesake and extend anything, merely thicken. I had curled them before I put them in, hoping the curls would hang below my natural hairline, but as they didn't, I tried (yet again) to curl my hair. It didn't work at all - I was able to curl the extensions perfectly, and all I managed to do to my hair was leave a dent-like kink in it, which when touched, straightened immediately. SO stubborn... But all is well, because I decided I didn't like the curly hair anyway. It made me look like I was trying to be cute, which I just can't do. Anyway, to finish that never-ending rhetoric, here are some pictures!
You can find this on Lookbook HERE.


  1. great look this time again Tahti!

  2. i love those shoes.
    another fab look.

  3. BLOUSE <3
    R xo

  4. Love those shoes and thanks for the recipies. I need them because I don't really know how to cook, and I am living in a dorm eating chips and sandwiches everyday. I am getting skinnier by the minute! LOL Love the blog!

    Tc, Nia B
    "Dubai's It Girl"

  5. looking perfeeeect !!!
    LOVE the whole outfit! ;)

  6. another amazing outfit!!! a couple days ago I bought very similar shoes :) they are great

  7. you look is amazing and particular!!!

  8. Oh, I'll have to try that faux-muffin recipe today. I have almost nothing left in my fridge, but I do have all those ingredients and some dried apricots and cherries lying around. Time to experiment!

    I posted a very similar chocolate cake recipe on my blog a little while ago, but it calls for bananas and walnuts. Here's the link if you'd like to check it out.

    And so this isn't all about food! What method do you use for putting in your hair extensions? And how long do you usually leave them in? I'm in an awkward growing-out phase from a very short haircut, and I keep toying with the idea of extensions, but I'm hesitant to go for it because I'm worried of the damage they might cause to my hair.

  9. really cool fab look!
    x amber

  10. hot shoes! I also love what you did with the cameo and the tie, very chic :)

  11. Wow, your outfit is great! I think the recipes must be delicious also!

    Have a fun weekend!


  12. Fabulous outfit. I love the cameo.

  13. Tähti,

    I am here again to comment on your new outfit. I am awe with the whole thing. Everything is extremely beautiful to see. (Should I say it pleases my sight?)It is not just the shoes,or the cameo, but everything - including the face. You really have a great aesthetic sense. Congratulations, once more.

    Best regards,

    Marcelo Quaglio.

  14. great look amazing

  15. damn sexy, honey.

    nora from

  16. Stunning!

    Irene's Closet

  17. Pendant is beautiful...and the shoes too!

  18. necklace was a great touch, so was that tie.

  19. haha, I love this!


  20. Hi there!
    I have featured you on my blog, hope you don't mind ^.^

  21. so beautiful!!

  22. Ahh. This photo of you is sexiness.

  23. I love this look. I'm graduating soon from library school and right now I'm cheesily into style that reminds me of librarian-chic, and this is perhaps the best example of that I've seen thus far.

  24. ahh I love this look!! very pretty!

  25. Hey, just a lil comment to say, I've read your whole blog and I really like it!! your pictures are cool and you've got an amazing face, so uncommon! (and if you could give me your hair...)
    your clothes are nice too :)