Bullet Pointed

I cannot believe I'm going to be in Boston this weekend! Hurrah! It's so odd thinking about it though, I haven't been back there since I left from living there when I was 4. I'm staying near Newbury St and Copley Plaza, does anyone have any good shop recommendations? Places to eat too! Also, so excited for MAC Liberty of London - it's out this Thursday! I haven't been so excited about a collection since I can't remember. (Need to exercise restraint and not buy everything because of the amazing packaging and only buy things I actually will use.)
After talking about it for months, I finally got around to buying really long extensions so I can pretend I have long hair again and be all gleeful. I sewed them up last night. I love them, but I don't plan on wearing them too often, because it'll put too much strain on my hair. I haven't worn extensions for over half a year I think, I used to wear them nearly every day - that was when I was into really big hair. Lots of backcombing and hairspray and extensions! Trésemme Freeze Hold is the best hairspray I've ever encountered, just as a side note.
For detail, this is the only ring I've ever found that I love! (Well, I lie actually - on the same day I found this I found a massive fake diamond ring, which is what I've been secretly lusting after for ages.)

You can find this look on Lookbook HERE.

The idea that I would compile some information about my life was well received, so here is some. This is written mainly in a stream of consciousness, so it may be slightly unorganized.
  • The songs I love the most always have some kind of classical feature in them. I grew up listening to classical music, and whereas I don't listen to a lot of it nowadays, it still affects the music I like greatly. That said, the first band I ever really 'listened' to when I first properly discovered bands and music (I was 12) was System of a Down, and I'm sure that's very different to classical... When I first listened to their album (S.O.A.D) it sounded very bizarre to me, and I thought it was terrible... on the second listen, I loved it!
  • It may not show, but my style icons are very alternatively beautiful - Razorcandi, Adora Batbrat, et cetera. I used to dress very differently to how I do now, a lot more eccentric and theatrical. I'm still very inspired by the aforesaid icons of mine, however.
  • I started doing make-up when I was 13, because I didn't like my eyes and I wanted to make them look nicer. It's been a learning curve since then, it truly is the thing I love most in life. I love making people feel beautiful, there is no nicer feeling then when you make someone up who doesn't even want to look in the mirror, and after they face their reflection and you can tell they feel beautiful. It makes me more than happy.
  • Me and my sister are polar opposites in food, everything she likes, I like the opposite. Green apples for me, red for her, Indian food for Maeve, and Japanese for me... Not great examples, but you get the idea.
  • I have, and always have had, incredibly vivid - and more often than not - disturbing dreams. This has led to me having very weak teeth, as I grind my teeth very badly when I'm dreaming. It's also led to areas of my imagination that I would have never knew existed, so it's good with bad.
  • My birthday is the third of May. I never have birthday parties, as any vague celebration I've ever tried to enact has led to disaster. I always hope it's raining on my birthday, as I don't like the sun or heat in the slightest, and it really ruins the day if it's summery outside. I prefer to cook for myself on the day too, because the only thing I ever want is incredibly sour lemon tart and no-one I've found makes it like I do!
  • I've spent my life so far always feeling short, even though at 5'8", I know I'm not. I think this stems from the fact that my first best friend in all the 10+ years I've known her, has always been exactly a forehead taller than me, so I've never really 'caught up'.
  • I abused my hair a lot when I was younger - bleaching and dying and shaving the sides and dreadlocks and Lord knows what else. I regret cutting off my hip length red hair so much! I cut it off because I was angry at myself. It's healing now, slowly but surely.
  • I'm not very social - I used to be when I was younger, but when I stopped drinking, and all that came with it, I became more 'me' again, which is a shy and reclusive person. I spend most, if not nearly all, of my time in my house cooking and reading and doing coursework. The ennui sets in after a while, but I like it more than going out on the weekends and blowing my money on liquid depression.
  • I didn't really do anything in secondary school except for reading books in class and smoking at lunch time. I did very well in final exams, however, as I got A's and B's in everything. My main memory of secondary school revolves around my lunch, as I used to bring 'weird' lunches to school, like bags of celery. In the end I just stopped eating at school because I got so sick of people commenting negatively on what I was eating.
  • I only tend to complete projects of get motivated for anything if I'm affected by an extreme, i.e. love, or spite. Embarrassment is my best motivator.

Here's another tutorial, this is a pretty and soft pink and purple look! I tried to use absolutely no black in this look, and I managed it... minus the mascara.

Finishing touches to the eyes! Glue some small gems into the corner of your eyes with eyelash glue - you can find packets of them at craft stores. I upped my highlight with Illamasqua Illuminator in Odyssey - if you don't have this product, you need it in your life! It's made mine a lot more shiny and shimmery, which is always good.
I vary my foundation depending on how I feel on the day/the look I'm wearing - I used MAC Face & Body in white and Illamasqua Powder Foundation in 135 today. Contour your face and use a pink blush, I used MAC Tippy. Use a pink-purple lipstick and line your mouth so your cupids bow is curved and 'sweet' looking. I used MAC Magenta liner with MAC Cyber lipstick, I love this combination!


  1. your personal fact file thing was so interesting to read!

  2. Beautifull make-up and your hair is amazing! ^^

  3. loving this thoughtful and insightful post! this DIY is wonderful as well - you look gorgeous as usual. GREAT EXTENSIONS! :)


  4. OH, MY gosh, I live in Boston. You gonna stay next to a mall.I think it's called newberry mall or something. But it's kind of a high end place so the clothes are expensive. Cheesecake Factory is my favorite restaurant right now. There is also a good dessert place but I forgot the name. I look it up for you. You look Beautiful.

  5. I liked reading the informations about you, you're so lovely :)

  6. oh god! yer just mindblowing...a nymph! i love u!

  7. incredibly beautiful!




  8. Gorgeous outfit. I love how much you know about makeup its great.. and your personal info was very interesting xx

  9. I completely understand what you mentioned about the whole shy thing. I'm the same way! Partying was the only thing that got me meeting people, who were all drunk, and I didn't like that.

  10. OMG. i love you style, hair and make up! you are such an inspiration!!! :D
    and u are so beautiful!

  11. Again, gorgeous pictures!! I love your hair long like that, you have the best red hair color!


  12. "I'm not very social - I used to be when I was younger, but when I stopped drinking, and all that came with it, I became more 'me' again, which is a shy and reclusive person. I spend most, if not nearly all, of my time in my house cooking and reading and doing coursework. The ennui sets in after a while, but I like it more than going out on the weekends and blowing my money on liquid depression."

    I can totally totally relate to this, I'm so glad i'm not the only one who feels this way! Love the skirt in the pictures too!

  13. yesss! loving the long locks!

  14. Gahh one of my fave posts! love the outfit/snippets of your life/makeup tutorial :)

  15. Oh wow, those extensions look amazing.
    I love the skirt!!


  16. Love it girl!
    x amber

  17. gorgeous love the outfit! and you hair looks so amazing!!

  18. Gosh.
    your wearing the dream shoes.


  19. I love your hair in these shots!


  20. Hy! First of all, I love this post!
    Second: we have so much in common! I cannot believe it! I'm also a Taurus, on 2nd of May, I also have strange dream, love to cook, don't usually do anything for my birthday and I'm not a very sociable person. Plus adore make up! Really really love it! How weird is that?

    have a super fun day!


  21. You are amazing!!!! I'm adding you to my favourites :)

  22. It's nice to know that you're a fan of System!

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  24. I really like your extentions, glad you decided to put them on again. also, it was really nice learning some facts about you :)

  25. you are really simply amazing and beautiful. you are so incredibly good with make up it's ridiculous. i just bought two eye shadows from mac yesterday & i really don't know what to do with them. i do the same routine over & over & over again but i'm getting sick of it! you definitely inspire me to go above & beyond!

    i also have very vivid & disturbing nightmares. i get them almost every night & i wake up in the middle of the night sweating and sometimes screaming. i definitely know how that feels. it's not pleasant nor fun. they're so vivid sometimes i think it's real.

    and i also know how it's like when you stop drinking & doing drugs and you lose everyone and everything that comes with that and you become more to yourself. it was nice to read some facts about you because i can definitely relate to you.

    love, dayna

  26. Tahti,
    meu endereço é:-

  27. Tahti... amei seu BLOG...!!!
    Extremamente original.
    Moro São Paulo-Brasil e estou amando conhecer Blog's internacionais.
    SUCESSO pra você.
    Apareça lá no meu.

  28. This gothic ballet figure is incredible !!

  29. You dressed more theatrical when you were younger?
    You wouldn't have photo evidence would you?
    I'd really like to see your former fashion fazes.

  30. Gorgeous, your hair looks incredible! Love what Rossovelvet said above, Gothic Ballet is the perfect analysis!

  31. Please keep doing eye shadow tutorials! i'm slowly learning your techniques!

    maybe some browns, next time...? i have very blue eyes and dark dark almost black brown hair, so brown looks really good. i'm sure with your pretty hazel eyes it would also bring out the greens for you. :)

  32. isn't long hair just divine! though your hair is truly amazing. I adore the colour.

    I really admire your blog and check it quite often. I love your style and also your cooking. I tried out the chocolate zucchini cake last week and it is possibly one of the best things I have ever eaten. I love baking too and it's always nice to find new interesting recipes.

    I also completely envy you for living in Ireland. I live in Australia where everything is washed out from bright sun and cooked in the heat haha.

    I would love if you could stop by my blog sometime if you happen to have the time and are a fan of long hair!



  33. I'm a big fan of your lacy skirt, your eye makeup, and your hair. The purple eyes are a great fit for you (especially with the lipstick). Also, sour lemon tart sounds AMAZING.

  34. I'm totally in love with your shoes and you look great! And your make up is wow!

  35. Your hair. Your f*cking hair. Oh god. Can you give me some ? PLEAAAASE : D ?
    Aha. Joke.
    Like your cool, & lazy outfit ...Perfect for a shopping day...
    You're beautiful. Really :)
    I like it all, the rings, shoes, pants...Leather(?) jacket...


  36. OUps, sorry, My comment was not the good one x)
    I'm so soorrrrryyy
    For you : I wanna say that I love your tutorial it's really helpme...always the saùe make up Y'know...
    & you're beautiful, thanks YOU !

  37. Actually it's funny that the first band you liked was System. Their music is very related to Classical music, more specifically 20th century classical music and baroque. I grew up playing cello, and also was immersed in classical music at a young age. I discovered System of a Down at 15, and was really impressed by their composition. Their chord progressions are similar to baroque music, and the way they leap from time signatures is very 20th cen. I guess an example might be U-Fig, just the way they keep changing the tempo and (subtly) time signatures. It's the way they mash together different musical elements in one song that makes it very contemporary classical. It really makes a lot of sense that you were drawn to their music.
    Have you heard of Mr. Bungle? Mike Patton, the creator of the band, is another musical genius. Again, the way he combines genres and musical themes is really interesting. Highly recommended.

  38. omg gorgeous hair!
    i just adore the clothes you wear!
    loves :)

  39. I love your hair and style so much! Gorgeous.

    ♥ Lenne

    Night Watch

  40. you look stunning as usual! that skirt is so cute :)

  41. You are beyond awesome!

  42. your blog is so cool!
    and I really really like your style!

  43. i love your shoes

  44. You are really good with make up and I adore your personal and brave ideas/choices! :---)

    I was wondering if you understand/speak Finnish too..? : )