Monday Blues & Ayla

Apologies for the lack of posts lately - my regularly faulty immune system has struck again, so I'm just lying on the couch coughing and dreaming about pulla and shoe shopping - as long as it's this kind of shoe shopping! Haha. Here's a bizarre yet calming video my father showed me, which I loved - it's Terry Riley. I've added some Kraftwerk too, because you can never go wrong with them.

Kraftwerk - Showroom Dummies

I featured one internet-personage I really liked, and I thought it was due time to mention another. I love her style, she can pull off tailoring, crazy prints, grunge, whatever she wishes! She's gorgeous, and really lovely too. My favourite thing is not only can she rock so many different looks, but the contrast of her skin against her pale eyes - it's stunning. Her name is Ayla Brunhilde - you can find her Lookbook HERE and her Tumblr HERE.


  1. Wow she's fierce!!

    stop by my blogs!

  2. yay!
    ayla is so great! I love her, she wears everithing in such an amazing way!

  3. This is amazing!

    Irene's Closet

  4. I've seen this girl on Lookbook, she does have a unique style and a stunning appearance.good choice! :)

  5. Shes stunning in such a unique way, love it

  6. beautiful!
    i love your site thanks for everything you do to make it so amazing


  7. Terry Riley, sh*t... are you joking? I mean... he's Terry Riley, A Rainbow in Curved Air, one of the father of minimalist school, not just "relaxing music" ;-)
    This makes me feel sooo old, I listened for the first time A Rainbow in Curved Air at high school... eons ago.

  8. I love the boots above! great outfits!

  9. so cool, i really love your blog! :) i was also wondering what template you used, or did you create it yourself? thanks :)