If asked, I would always say I prefer savoury foods over sweet, in particular things like salted biscuits and very sour lemon pie (people tend to wince when they eat mine... cream is apparently mandatory) Yet I always find myself baking sweet goods! I love baking, there's such a magic and scientific sense to it. I also like the regularity - if you do everything correctly, it will always turn out properly. I've often thought that I would love to have a chocolatier or baking apprenticeship, but I think if I had to make mass quantities of sweet goods every day, a lot of the fun would be lost! I like to bake things in happiness for the people that I love - I have yet to meet someone who wouldn't be happy to find that there was a batch of freshly baked shortbread waiting in the kitchen.
One thing I've been baking a lot lately is buttercream cake - I'm not a huge fan of cakes, but I really love this one as it's a very dense, rich cake, that you only need a small slice of it to feel satisfied! It's also gluten-free, but you can make this with 'regular' flour - just add 1 tsp baking powder, it turns out the same. For the dairy-intolerant - I have made this cake with soy milk before, and it turned out just as tasty. You could try substituting the butter for soy butter, but make it with soy cream instead of milk, as it won't be as rich otherwise.

BUTTERCREAM CAKE (gluten free)
1 egg, 2 egg yolks
2/3 cup of butter
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup of double cream
1 1/2 cups of self-raising tritamyl flour (if using rice flour/other GF flour, add one tsp baking powder)
1 cup sugar

Oven at 175 celcius.
Get two bowls. In the smaller of the two, mix the eggs, half of the 1/2 cup of double cream, and the vanilla. Whisk until just combined.
In the larger of the bowls, mix together the flour and sugar. Add the butter slowly - putting it in all at once tends to leads to lumps. Add the remaining cream and mix until everything is moistened. Whisk or beat for about 2 minutes to make the mixture more fluffy.
Pour in the egg mixture slowly, to make sure it is combined evenly. Scrape the batter into a medium cake tin - I like to use a 9 inch pie dish. I usually save one of the egg whites too, and coat the dish with the egg white, it gives the outside of the cake a nice crispy coating. Alternatively, you can also grease the dish with butter.
Bake 25 minutes - a knife inserted in the centre should come out clean.

If you have a sweet tooth, here is a recipe for icing that goes nicely with the cake. Make sure to spread it over it when the cake is cooled entirely! You can flavour it with whatever strikes your fancy - vanilla, lemon, almond extract, et cetera. Cream is also nice with this cake, especially cardamom cream - just grind up a few cardamom pods, depending on how much cream you are making, and whisk the cream with the cardamom and some caster sugar. For a very delectable dish, try making two of the above cakes, layering cardamom cream in the middle, and frost it with almond icing!

BUTTERCREAM ICING (recipe is enough to ice a small cake)
2 cups of icing sugar
2/3 cup butter
1 tsp flavouring (e.g. lemon rind, vanilla)
1 tbsp cream (if using lemon rind, you can use lemon juice)

Cream the butter until smooth, then gradually add in the icing sugar and juice/cream. Done!

Here is a pretty epic sounding track by DJ Print - yet another great track from 100 Grime & Dubstep instrumentals. If I was a dancer, it would make me want to do some very serious interpretative dance, full of robotic crunchy moves that flow smoothly into twists and bends. I am not a dancer however, as I can never quite bring myself to flail myself around in an undignified manner. To lighten the heavy, I added a Yelle track that I love - she's a French artists, the lyrics to this song are quite risqué! Enjoy!

DJ Print - One Step Closer

Yelle - Je Veux Te Voir

Finally, here are some photos. I love tracksuit pants (or sweatpants, as I would call them with my American influence) Chav chic! You can find this on LB HERE.


  1. I also love baking! Tomorrow I have to bake some laskiaispulla's because it's almost laskiais-sunday and tuesday :-)

  2. Oh my God Thati!!! you're killing me every time I see one of your pics (in a good sense, obviously!)
    this look is quite simple, but on you everithing appears special. I know that I've just told this before... I'm becoming repetitive, but that's the truth!

    wow wow and wow again! :D

  3. That cake sounds really good!!

  4. Now that I see them on you, I truly regret that I did buy those Christopher Kane for Topshop shoes.. They really are amazing..!

  5. Yummy- I love baking!
    Especially Lemon cupcakes and Victoria sponge.
    LOVE this outfit- wow.

  6. Love the combination of heels and those pants!

  7. That sounds really delicious! You're outfit is truly amazing and the boots are crazy! Love them!

  8. wow, i've never seen sweats look that chic!

  9. Ooh I will definitely be trying out this recipe. I eat a gluten-free and dairy-free diet, and I always feel at a loss for desert recipes...I have a few that I fall back on, but I keep an eye out for new things to try.

  10. Your face looks soooo flawless in that top picture, Really beautiful x

  11. thanks for those recipes! you're very good at baking cakes, tahti! i love those pictures, too. i bet they'll make another hot page favorite in LB, again! you're very iconic. love the leather jacket and the boots. so rad!

    fashion atelier.

  12. I love those shoes! and your red hair! ;)


  13. Hey T,

    you give me hope in a lost world. i also loved baking so much, but ever since he left me i never made anything. it is only fun when you have somebody to share. i used to create the most insane iceing out of different fruitjuices...oh those days. I wish i had a little brother. i got a beautiful sister, but she is on a diet. Oh crap.

  14. wow,,just like me..
    I was the big fan of very-sweet-cake and stuff,,
    but lately,,i'm getting what-do-we-call, i mean i'm not interested on it at all,
    and now prefer on salt and vagetable biscuit/crackers..!



  15. Love your outfit!! Trackies have NEVER looked so good:)!!


  16. I like the shoes and the jacket^^

  17. Absolutely Lovely!!

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  18. drop dead gorgeous in every picture. love your sense of style. I bet you look amazing just rolling out the bed.

  19. you are absolutely gorgeous! i really love your wing-tipped eye liner and comfy sweats with sky-high heels. fierce!


  20. Tahti! I'm forever following you on Lookbook and I just had to look up your blog as well. You are so avant-garde. I'd love to have my own lookbook and hype you all day. Could you invite me?


  21. "je veux te voir" by Yelle, I take it like a homage 4 France, Tahti :)
    Kisses from Paris under snow

  22. love love LOVE sweatpants with heels.