Serge Lutens & Negativity

Mainly we only wish for one side of the scale, particularly in the case of positivity and negativity. The positive words directed at me outnumber the negative greatly, but every snark leaves a sting. The majority of these snarks are anonymous too - not only to me, but everywhere that I see. I can't influence people online to be kind to each other, I can't influence politeness - yet I wish I could. There are so many cruel people in the world - why would you want to be another one?
So, to all of Anonymous - why are you bothering? I won't plunge further into the pool of messy indignity which I have already tread into by pointing you out - just know, that I will keep deleting your negativity, as I don't see the point in it. I wish I could get such a great kick as you do from typing insults - if it's so much fun, feel free to continue commenting on every post I write.
Something people should think more about doing nowadays - hesitate before hate.

Serge Lutens is one of my favourite make-up artists - his vision is beautiful and conceptual, and his women look like pieces of art. I discovered his work a few years ago in a magazine, and I have adored it ever since.


  1. Hei, Tähti.

    I really can not believe there are people bothering you, again. Fortunately, it's easy to delete the insults. I never understood why there are some people who are able to be so mean. Probably, their fuel is envy.

    Anyway, I am not a make-up expert, but I loved the photographs. So neat, so clean. Beautiful. Serge deserved the post!

    Have a nice day!

    Marcelo Quaglio.

  2. At least the good outweighs the bad, some people just have no lives and just like to go to peoples sites and be negative.. it's not right and you shouldn't worry about it at all :)

  3. Love them a beautiful art expression :) btw try always to be positive :) the greatest energy of life is positive i'm sure

  4. yes, i agree with you Tahti. although the good reviews outnumbers those negative ones, but still, those bad remarks hurt real bad.
    anyway, awesome feature. i like the pic in which the face covered in lace. don't listen to those haters, Tahti, i'm with marcelo: perhaps they're just jealous! keep rocking!

  5. WOW, amazing

  6. This may seem like a stupid question but are you Finnish/part Finnish?

  7. hey, I totally agree with you, there's too much negativity in this world nowadays, gotta make it better!
    on a positive note, I came across your blog recently, and gotta say I adore your style, aesthetics, and the world view as it comes across through the blog.
    i think i will be following :)
    keep rocking!


  8. I'm always quietly amused by anonymous negative commenters on blogs. I can see how they upset, but at the same time there's that feeling of superiority you can have - because at least there's more to your life than just being mean to people you don't know. It's a pretty sorry sign of who you are if you get your kicks by being cruel.

    You have a great blog, keep up the good work and carry on ignoring the negativity!

    /Rhian -

  9. arghhh..

    that's so fierce make up!

    so artsy!
    look that u r inspired by him, aren't u?


  10. Hi! Never posted here before but been a fan for a while. Please keep posting and ignore the negativist comments. Have you never heard the saying: "If someone you don't even know hates you, you know you're the best" ?

  11. Lutens perfumes are absolutely amazing too -- I've never really been one to care that much about fragrance and always just bought whatever crap I could get at Sephora etc, but since discovering his I've been borderline obsessed. It's all very spicy/sexy/unusual and all mostly 'unisex' stuff and I looooove it.

    meg //

  12. Wow, Lutens makeup is very impressive! Pat McGrath is still my favourite though :)

  13. Thank you to all!

    Marcelo ; Thank you for that, how nice of you to say!

    Emiliak ; Yes, I'm half Finnish!

    Mariska ; Yes, I am inspired by him... I love how his has this one strong true vision of beauty!

    Pili ; What a great quote, I'll be sure to remember that - thank you!

    Meg ; Oooh, I wish I could test them somewhere! I'm so picky with perfume, the packaging for his scent is beautiful too.

  14. I agree, it is crazy how atemporal his looks look, and what is beyond time is usually something good !
    Thanks for making me discovering it !

  15. Tahti, I personally think that it's inevitable that some people don't like you, especially online, and especially of your distinctive style. You cannot force everyone to like you, and that is ok! This can be applied to "real life" too, I guess... Online haters are easier to deal with, since you can just delete their traces.
    What I want to say is that you should always know there are people who admire you and support you:] I imagine those haters as fat middle-aged jobless assholes spending their days in sweaty rooms with drawn curtains, browsing the net and looking for a place to release their frustration. Fat jobless sweaty assholes, that's how you should imagine them, haha:]]]

    Or simply angsty teenage girls who cannot admit to themselves they they envy you so much that it transforms to a pseudo-violent gesture. It is so easy to hide in the virtual world...

  16. WowWowClouds ; Believe me, I'm not immature enough to think that everybody will like me! I just angry about the type of comments this one person was sending me - they were anonymous, but all typed in the same way so it was obvious it was the same person. But thank you!

  17. Tahti -- I'm the same, ha. I discovered the Lutens fragrances at Aedes in NYC -- the people there are really, really nice (and have a really cute puppy!) -- they were great about letting me take samples of a ton of scents (seriously, like, 10 of them) home before I went back to buy. I'm not sure if they ship / work internationally but their site is, maybe you can request samples online somewhere?

    meg //

  18. Sure, dear! I'm pretty convinced you're far more mature than your age:] Most people at 18 are still soaking in their destructive teenage-angst-'I hate the world and everyone around me' issues (though I have to admit that each of us goes through this phase, and it doesn't depend on our age), you seem to have sorted it all out:]
    That's what I mostly like about you- personal integrity:] Beautiful outside and inside.

  19. Anonymous6/5/10 00:39

    Hiya, just been recomended your blog on, I have to say I am completely overwhelmed with your beauty and style. you are an incredible inspiration, I'm so happy I found your blog. I've been reading through some of your old posts and I really feel like I can relate to a lot of what you say. I can't understand how you haven't been snatched up by a modelling agency yet? Anyway just thought I'd say hi!