Haute Couture

I forgot to mention that I was recently at the MAC counter - I was so sad they had some out of By Candlelight. I always leave my trips too late or too early, as the dates for the release of collections in Ireland tend to fluctuate from the designated date to two weeks after - so I was too late this time. I picked up just four lovelies - Pink Swoon blush, Cuddle shadestick, 2N L/G and Redhead MSF - unbelievable that they still had one! Apparently it was just found in the storeroom.
I love Cuddle the most - it blends seamlessly into my skin colour, but when it catches the light it turns golden. I was pretty disappointed with 2N actually, I don't think it deserves all the hype it has. Then again, every time a new uber-nude lipstick or gloss comes out I get really excited, but they're never pale enough to be nude on me. Maybe that's for the best, because when I blot out my lips properly with concealer and so on, I look like a bizarrely animated corpse.

So my genre-favouritism is leaning backwards to two paths now, and I'm not sure which ones my ears will choose to travel on - old school melodic tunes, or dark psychedelic. To the people who like melodic music - get Jedi Mind Tricks album Instrumentals, try I Against I, it's very simplistically beautiful. Even though I don't post a lot of it, drum n bass is permanently on my playlist - it is the BEST music to exercise to, especially while running! On the whimsy side, I'm loving 80's/90's rap. Did anyone take themselves seriously back then? Point in case is this lyrics - 'I don't meant to brag, I don't mean to boast, but we like hot butter on their breakfast toast!'
Below are two psychedelic songs. One of my former friends dad actually was the owner of the record label that distributed Ajjas album, so I got to feel all smug and in with the crowd for a while.

Kalilaskov AS - Crying Girl

Ajja - Peripheral Visions

Here is an amazing dubstep producer, Substep Infrabass - his tunes can't even be called dubstep in my mind, they're just serious filthstep, he makes the grittiest beats that totally demand a subwoofer. S.I. says his roots are centred around death metal, which you can tell - I despise metal, but there's nothing like a bit of dirty dubstep in the morning to get you going.

Substep Infrabass - The Sathiest

Whereas I appreciate fashion, I love haute couture. If fashion is all about fantasy, then couture is the hyperreal dream of the fantasy world. So, naturally I am thrilled when the couture collections come out. Armani Privé is by far my favourite - I adore the cool, pale colour palette and lunar details.


  1. you always have the coolest outfit, tahti! i'm such a fan of yours (both here and in lookbook). thanks for featuring the runway too. chanel haute couture is my favorite so far :)

  2. I wish i could see another view of your outfit!


  3. I think this is my favorite outfit of yours that you've posted. I'd love to see more pictures of it, if you have any. Were those leggings/tights made with knee pads or is that a DIY thing?

  4. is that dress/body suit thing see through?

  5. Love the steel cap Docs :) xxx


  6. Wow, Armani is now close behind my favourite Chanel! I love the pastel colours, they're so pretty. Dior, however, was bit of a disappointment to me. :/

  7. you're absolutely... WOW! no words needed!

    I agree with you about haute couture. Fashion is dream, fantasy, freeedom... and this is the reason why I aprecciated so much Alexander Mc Queen visionary runaway's.

  8. Ha ha - such a problem - I thought your last look was the best I'd seen on Lookbook, but the you put this fantastic new one up!!
    You keep raising the bar.
    Simply beautiful - so edgy :-)

  9. are you real?? you are so beautiful :) lovely dress
    lovely post
    i love dior couture

    Looks beautiful all together :)


  10. you look gorgeous!!xxx

  11. wauw you looks so cool!!!
    xoxo amber

  12. Hot look!


  13. this is the only fashion blog I read because it is the only one I need, you are awesome! Keep it up!

  14. love ur outfit!! ur so inspirational!

  15. your style is amazing! I love your look!!

  16. Thank you to all!

    Lily-karin ; How nice of you to say, thank you!

    Pilcius ; Yes, I'm a real girl ;D Thanks!

    Tom ; I have to try and keep raising the bar - other wise I'd get so bored of myself.

    Vickileestyle ; Armani was a dream, I'd give anything to have the dress in the centre of the photo montage - so beautiful! I keep looking at the collection and sighing at how gorgeous everything is - what a great theme. Did you see the moon bubble dress? So fabulous, if impractical!
    I agree about Dior - usually I'm swooning but this year it just seemed to fall short of the impeccable standard they usually upkeep. Galliano is still king of the catwalk though!

    Zoe_Flood ; It's actually two dresses layered, a Topshop nude dress and then a mesh AA dress on top!

    tphg ; Thank you! It's a DIY thing, I just cut up old tights and layered them.

  17. Anonymous27/1/10 23:05

    I love love love this outfit, but it'd be so awesome if you could post another angle :)

  18. I lovee your outfit, so amazing.
    i've been into 80s/90s rap too .. mainly skee-lo "i wish" hahah such simple rap back then.
    anyways those haute couture photos are awesomeeee!

  19. Really cool outfit, it's a little matchy-matchy but the boots and jacket really bring it back down to earth ^^
    By the way you have a gorgeous figure, if you do have an exercise/food routine maybe you could share it with us?

    I checked out your Lookbook too, you really do have a killer style that's all your own.

  20. Love this outfit..you really do have a great sense of style.

  21. hooooly hell, I want to wear all the outfits in the last panel!

    and as always, style is what you make of it - if you love Doc Martens, wear them regardless of what everyone else is wearing (I know I do).

  22. really cool pic!!



  23. I love my DMs!! Yes Yes Yes!

    I am loving your tight sheer dress - I went with an ol' floaty one!



  24. Anonymous28/1/10 18:22

    hei, ihaana tyylilyyli oot!
    millä värillä värjäät? ja käykö sun mielestä kulta ja punaiset värit vaikka olis red head?=) vastaa pliis....

  25. Just wanted to let you know I have features one of your looks in my latest post: http://www.thefashioncloud.com/categories/high-higher-highest/

    Hope you like it


  26. this picture of you is sick !
    you look so damn fierce !
    love your silhouette , your clothes and your blog.
    lovely girl !

    Sorry for the capital letters but it is like my favorite outfit of you and I LOVE every outfit you manage to assemble !!
    As for Couture, I found it INCREDIBLY disappointing, except for Armani which was classy and beautiful !

  28. love the outfit, it works brilliantly on you!
    my fave part are the knee thingies... whatever they're called :)

  29. It's a brilliant outfit and a wonderful photo. I've stumbled across your blog a few times from browsing lookbook.nu and I have to say that it has become a favourite!

  30. I really like the pictures you've drawn

  31. I like this looks! Nice post. : )