Outfit 15.01

In lieu of my lens, I borrowed one from my dad. I've taken lots of pictures in boredom - I'll post some today, some tomorrow and maybe some the next day too. A note was left for me from the mailman informing me he tried to deliver my new lens but couldn't (as nobody was in) so I'm going to try pick it up at four.
I'm having a night in and ordering in tapas from an incredible Spanish restaurant in my town. I adore their food, I would order the entire menu if only I could! The last time I went there, I had ciabatta and chorizo, a pine nut green salad with chorizo, and an enormous king prawn which was cooked to perfection, all eaten with very generous dollops of aioli - I adore aioli, the taste is just so incredible. There are lots of hidden foodie-worthy gems in my town, including a seafood restaurant whose quality is impeccable - I worked there for a while. A fabulous French chocolatier is hidden away in the hills too, his hot chocolates are heavenly. If only the sushi bar I love would decide to open down here!...

Now, I huge lot of music. I'm tempted to post about 10 tracks that I've been wanting to post for the past week, but I'll dole them out! Oh, and to everyone who likes my music picks - I'm in the process of creating a long mix of my favourite tracks of the last decade for posterity.
Tired of Lady Gaga? Try out this tune, I had just decided I never wanted to hear Poker Face again (and I still don't) but then I found this track - dancehall crossed with the Poker face riddim. I think it's better than the original, but make up your mind and have a listen! The other two are some old tracks that I still love. Zimba is one of my favourite psytrance tracks - I used to be a massive trancehead actually, I've only recently started re-listening to it - I stopped partying, and it didn't really gel as well as it did with my soundscape before. This track has two fantastic build-ups, almost guaranteed to make you want to groove. Fasten Your Seatbelt is the very first dnb song I heard, I must have been 13 or so. It was the point at which I began to love electronically made music intensely.

Shell Di Place - Kari Jess

Zimba - Vibe Tribe

Fasten Your Seatbelt - Pendulum

Here is an outfit I wore! You can find it on Lookbook by clicking HERE.
The boots are part of the Topshop sale haul. I can't believe I got them for so little compared to the original price! They are really well made, and the leather is lovely and soft, and very comfortable to wear. I didn't get a good detail shot of them, but they have great stitching and padding around the knees, they remind me of motorcycle gear. I had been eyeing these boots up since they first came out, they're the only OTK boots I've liked so far. I would prefer if they fit closer to my legs though, they're very loose.

Finally, some candids! Me and Maeve (my sister) were playing around with the camera. For all you that request a photo of me smiling - your wish is my command! Me and Maeve actually look very alike, when we stand next to each other it kind of looks like she's the original photo, and I'm the Photoshopped version - or she's the p'shopped version of me! - all that's been done is turning down the saturation and sharpening the edges to me, or the opposite for her! My hair looks positively brown next to hers also, Maeve's hair is like a living flame. This is also so you can see my make-up close up in the above look - this was after a few hours of wear though.

Gosh, this post took me so long to write... I'm out of practice. Now I feel like superwoman that I'm finished! Check it out, the minute I step away from Maeve, my hair turns red again. Very strange phenomenon. Haha - hope you are all having a great day!


  1. LOve your look and your makeup!
    why don't you create a makeup tutorial?! it will be so usefull!!


  2. You both look so fierce! Redheads rule! :D The shoes look amazing, i wish we had TopShop.. And the hairstyle you did for the shoot.. Im really inspired. Thank you and keep on goin! :)

  3. I didn't realise how pale you were until when I compared the skin tone of yours to your sisters! You both have lovely hair.

  4. Your eyes are amazing... they totally enchanted me and because of them i don´t focus on your gorgeus outfit!!! :D

  5. I love that skirt and your make-up! The last photo is hilarious. Are those boots from the unique line? I wish the topshop here had such a great selection too.

  6. love the totally fab look and makeup. tahti, your sister is just as gorgeous as you are. i love the last picture so much. you look so energetic!


  7. wauw so nice!!!
    i really like pictures of you that afre taking from the side!!!
    xoxo amber

  8. I like your outfit alot, you have such a long body to wear those boots. the lady gaga remix song, I don't like so much, it reminds me of that game the sims, and how they would re-do songs in simlish. the second song is cool though.

  9. Anonymous15/1/10 17:42

    amazing pics and outfit..amazing blog. and hello from finland!

  10. Your make up is amazing. Makes me realize what a make-up looser I am =P. You look absolutely beautiful and I just love that bubble skirt on you. After I saw this skirt on you had to get it myself - so thanks for the inspiration haha.

    You and your sister look so beautiful, very pretty red heads!

  11. glad see you back up and running with the blog. i was missing the outfit posts.

    much love.


  12. Great blog !!
    The only other one that comes close is Miss Pandora, but yours is better.
    One good thing she does is offer French & English option - you should try adding that to this blog.
    I think you are both destined to be very influential fashion bloggers.
    Congrats from Canada :-)

  13. your make-up is insanely stunning in those pictures of you! and i love your hair. fantastic shots :)

  14. loving the outfit! you guys look great

  15. Tahti, You just cannot imagine what a suffering these few days had been... I had been desperately refreshing Your website every few hours, in a highly irrational, I guess, need for a proper EYE FOOD!:] That was such a huge craving that when I opened Your blog today I almost cried out "hurray"!

    For me personally the thing with favourite blogs is that when I become too excited about them, they tend to dissapoint me. I can firmly state that You are an exception! This post is absolutely wonderful, the outfil is a killer one (but I do have doubts imagining You going out bare-legged...:D), and You are so eloquent and passionate in Your posts. You differ a lot from other bloggers who get accustomed to the attention from the readers and finally take their readership for granted, meaning that they cease putting any effort into their entries (usually this aligns with the proliferation of pictures and less words accompanying them).

    I am just curious, have you ever been slightly addicted to any internet sources (not necessarily fashion related)? Do you have your favorites now? It would be nice to take a glimpse at your daily reads;]

    By the way, I made LASKIAISPULLA for Christmas, and although they came out not perfect, my mom got positively crazy about the almond paste:]] So thank you for inspiring me to make my family happy!

    And apologies for such a long comment, I guess it turned out more as a separate entry, hah.

    It's because you're wonderful:]

  16. Anonymous15/1/10 19:42

    Well ! WowWOwClouds has said it all.
    Great blogs both yours Tahti & WowWow.

    You are both really nice people writing interesting stuff - not desperately trying to impress, just being yourself & original.
    Great Blogs - both.
    I love em :-)

  17. Anonymous15/1/10 19:44

    Love the last photo.
    I always knew you had arms.
    This proves it to those that doubted LOL
    PS Like the smile too :-)

  18. wow i love your make up and your style! so beautiful!

  19. These boots are to die for! And you have the most beautigul ginger hair I've ever seen. They make every outfit look even better!

  20. Gorgeous! =) Your look is very fantastic, great!

  21. You have so great style!! You and your sister are both so beautiful. You should make photos with outfits together!!
    Kisses from Paris,

  22. I hype ur look!!


    awesome as usual!!

    wow.ur skin is very different from ur sister,,but it's ok. just be proud of it!



  23. Those photos are so gorgeous! You look like a doll :)

  24. Tähti, I have to say a few things.

    1. Just today I realized how pale you are.

    2. I think it's so common, so cliché saying that you're marvelous again. It seems you have your brains (or, should I say eyes?) out of your head. You have an non-obvious way to see things. You can wear black without being boring.


  25. Ootko Suomalainen? :D

  26. Your both so pretty!
    Love the outfit SO much- as always! xxx
    and you both have beautiful names!
    Tahti and Maeve, wow.


  27. I love your use of volume! That skirt is the best..

  28. This skirt is mamazing! I'm in love with all your shaped skirts. Simply amazing! :)

  29. You are the most incredible looking person ever! So beautiful, I'm an avid fan, keep up the good work! x

  30. Tähti,

    Would you mind taking pictures of your favourite things in your room? I think a lot of people and I want to know how it is.


  31. Love those photos of you and your sister goofing around. They made me miss my sister. : )

    What kind of lens are you getting?

    If those boots have a seam running down the back, you can get a cobbler to fit them to your leg better.

    - Catherine at Littlehouse of Style

  32. perfect as allways :) love your style...

  33. Thank you to everyone!

    ru kararin ; Yes, they are from the Unique line - I bought them on the Topshop online store, I think they're sold out now.

    Gerard ; Thank you! I would add a French option, but my language skills are not nearly good enough to translate my posts into French correctly, I would make too many mistakes.

    Anonymous ; Haha, thank you! I may have just posted that to prove the fact that I have arms to all the non-believers ;D

    P' ; Thank you! I know, she's so pretty... I don't think she would be interested in doing outfits shots - she's not quite as obsessed by clothing as I am - but I think I will ask!

    Soooali ; How kind of you to say, thank you!

    Catherine ; I'm actually getting two lenses - the one that I can't use for outfits arrived yesterday (I shoot them in a very short space area), hopefully the other should be here by the end of next week. I got a 55-200mm one for make-up/detail shots, and I'm waiting on a 18-55mm one.

    Marcelo ; Thank you! I might just do that, but my room is quite uninteresting and minimal - I really despise clutter.

    WowWowClouds ; I know, I'm glad to be back - thank you for your comment! I'm glad the pulla turned out okay, and that your mother like the almond paste... It's my favourite part of them ;D I don't visit many sites daily, but I do like Style Bubble and a lot of make-up blogs. I confess I didn't go out bare-legged, I had tights on - but with my bad indoors lighting, it made it so that you couldn't see the boots so I took them off.

  34. You are sublime.

    Where did you get the black jacket on the first picture & the black top/skirt(?) on the superwoman-bis shot..?


  35. Anonymous17/1/10 12:19

    Re translation into French - I'm pretty sure Louise uses the computer translation programme on her ste and she'll tell you how to do it, if you ask. Louise Ebele, between the two of you I think you provide the best girl/fashion blogs on the internet at the moment.


  36. I remember this otk boots! they're amazing! and looks perfect on you! love the whole look as susual, you are always so fantastic!
    I've just recived the boutique boots from topshop that you've got too... thay're amazing but on me thay're not so great as they're on you! :(

    how lovely are the pics with your sister!
    and it's funny that you hair looks brown! LOL
    big kisses

  37. You look gorgeous! Would you be willing to share how you take care of your skin? You have the best maintained paleness I've ever seen, and I'd really love to know how you keep it up... :)

  38. Anonymous22/1/10 01:42

    Don't you think it's a little conceited to say you look like a photoshopped version?

  39. Anonymous ; I knew someone would say this! Gosh, just because I say photoshopped it doesn't necessarily mean I mean it's better - I could have just as easily as said that Maeve looks nearly exactly like me, except with a soft glow filter and a slight blur. How pedantic of you to assume that.

  40. I love the last shot, it's very Spice Girls ish to me.
    Also, you wear black well.