Outfit 05.01

Is it just me or is it becoming increasingly difficult to find what you're looking for on Youtube? Perhaps it's just my obscure searches. Here is a track from Party Monster, a movie which is one of those elitist cult favourites are you are so out, uncool and square if you haven't seen it, obviously - that's the reaction I got when I showed my ignorance to its existence last year. I didn't find it to be as hyped as it was, but I do love the sound track to it - a popular song is Money, Success, Fame, Glamour - the track below is my favourite, shortly followed by Frank Sinatra by Miss Kittin. The atonal over-drone in this tune sounds like my mind in the morning.
The second track is one I'm sure everyone knows. If you haven't seen the video, click on the song below and check it out - it's so flamboyant and fun! I added it because it has my favourite lyric ever in it - 'I spend my cash on looking flash and grabbing your attention!'
The final addition to the odd mishmash of genres today - I think Jedi Mind Tricks are one of the best hip hop bands out there. Below is my favourite track of theirs, do have a listen!

Take Me To The Club - Mannequin

Stand and Deliver - Adam and the Ants

Uncommon Valor (A Vietnam Story) - Jedi Mind Tricks

Just to note, I deleted my Formspring (in case anyone was wondering) It was nice at first, because I received reasonable questions about fashion and make-up, but by the end week of its existence it was being spammed by ridiculous amounts of silly questions and insults. If you have a question in future, just put it in the comment section of email me.
Here is my outfit today - as usual, the items are labeled on Lookbook. I adore these Christopher Kane boots, I just got rid of the tassel hanging on the zip. I really dislike tassels, I find them so hippy-ish. These are 5" also, which is my favourite height heel wise - still good to walk in, and it makes me 6'1, which makes me happy!
You can find this on Lookbook by clicking HERE.


  1. TOPSHOP. <3 xxx
    Love it! xxxx


  2. amazing look! i would so love this outfit to wear to work!

  3. you´re perfect for me! :)

  4. The shoes are amazing, go gorgeously with the dress.


  5. these shoes! - nono, not just shoes! ALL OUTFIT all about you is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S !!! :)

  6. You look great, as usual, mas those shoes... those shoes are killing me! Just perfect!

  7. Party Monster is really the best movie out there . Who wouldn't love to live their lives without consequences? I know i would .

  8. The "armless" pic is amazing.

  9. So incredibly beautiful and those shoes on such amazing legs. It is an unbeatable look.

    You'd cause car crashes and traffic chaos here in London.

    Nobody could keep their eyes off you :!!!

  10. oh my God! you are just stunning! another great amazing look. you're always perfect!

  11. wow you look absolutely amazing...such great style

    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


  12. Anonymous5/1/10 20:29

    Tähti, I loved your outfit.
    The red hair, the pale skin and the dark clothes are amazing, like always.
    It's a shame that mean people have spammed you recently (as you said earlier).
    And, how people can imagine you suddenly are armless? Come on! ;D)

    Best Wishes,


  13. Anonymous5/1/10 20:34

    Forumspring is a well known disaster- best deleted.

    You are truly the most beautiful woman on Lookbook
    Such style !!


  14. This is maybe a silly question, but I've been wondering. Are you a model or something? :p

    I love that skirt! :)

  15. This outfit is beautiful! And those shoes . . .*drool*

  16. Anonymous5/1/10 22:44

    Wow !
    Hot hot hot !!!
    Just so sexy - with every look !
    Ashamed to admit, I got girl love goin



  17. you're very beautiful!

  18. Love it! Those boots are just like the icing on a cake!:)

  19. I adore your look! =) Fantastic clothes! (L)

  20. Anonymous5/1/10 23:57

    Amazing look! I love it, I've also got a question though, what age did you start wearing heels? because I'm 15 and I so desperately want tonnes of lovely heels, but I have nowhere to go in them!

  21. i have no idea how you walk in those heels but you look FANTASTIC in them :)

  22. goddamn those shoes are beautiful!
    and i always feel like being taller is just better....even though i'm slightly above average height...i still think i could always be taller and feel good about it haha

  23. Aww I am sorry you were spammed. I was wondering why I couldnt see you after following. I was the one who wanted to know about our makeup. I Love your look here, as usual.

    What camera do you use to take pictures? Or any advice for a newbie to the photography world who wants to join super bad?

  24. The fact that you listen to Jedi Mind Tricks makes you that much more attractive, if that's even possible. xo

  25. I was on lookbook the other day and typically my settings make it where I only see the men, but somehow I came across a little thumbnail of a gorgeous red head, I clicked it of course, and came to find the most beautiful woman I might have ever seen haha with an insane sense for fashion I just had to tell you :)

  26. Anonymous6/1/10 09:09

    I love this blog - your thoughts, choice of music, way of expressing yourself make it unmissable.

    All this topped by fantastic poses by the most beautiful woman on on the plant.

    Sister - your rock !!!

  27. Anonymous6/1/10 09:11

    Pfftt !
    * That should have read PLANET

  28. You have an amazing body love, and definitely love how personalized this blog is. Keep on rockin' those fashion stuff, you got it all <3


  29. Anonymous6/1/10 16:18

    Awesome !
    Best look posted by anyone so far this year.


  30. Her outfit is gorgeous, i really like those shoes!

  31. Just beautiful !
    Rarely seen our clothes so well presented.
    Superb - we love it


  32. Your style is simply amazing!
    I'm following u!


  33. Wanted to comment on this look on lookbook but it seemed I was down. I totally disliked the tassle on this shoe as well. Very nice look.

    p.s. I love your hair color

  34. Anonymous7/1/10 00:24

    WAAAAAAAAAu, oot kyllä aikamoinen kissa! Siisti tyyli ja naama.

    Miten kirjotat noin sujuvaa englantia, asutko siellä? Ja ootko oikeasti -91, ootko koulussa vai duunissa ? =)

  35. This outfit is so beautiful, I love the structure of the skirt so much! Love your blog, adding you to my blogroll

    -Shoeless Simone

  36. I wish I had the guts to wear some of the fantastic pieces that you do. You are flawless!

    P.S. How do you manage in such high heels? I love heels but always curse myself at the end of the day because my feet feel as though they are about to fall off!

  37. Wicked looks
    these pics suggest promise of wild times..

    on the left The Dominatrix
    on the right The Bondage submissive

    Very suggestive - demands attention
    super styling and future supermodel for sure !

  38. so glad i found your blog, i looooooove it girl!!!



  39. great blog!!
    I love your style girl!!


  40. This is entirely unrelated, but I was wondering if you ever found out the name of the book that you posted an entry about earlier??! It sounded intriguing.

  41. These boots are fabulous!

    please, check my blog!

  42. Wow, I am the first time on your blog and your pics are stunning. I love your style especially the skirts. From now on I will look from time to time at your blog. ;)

  43. I love your hair, such a lovely shade x

  44. Thank you so much to everyone!

    Kim A ; Yes, I did remember it! High Society by Ben Elton.

  45. Anonymous11/1/10 18:31

    You look fab - as always. I adore the topshop skirt and your mixed textures!

  46. Um you are GORGEOUS. This is the first time I've read your blog and I like it a lot. I too am a pale redhead, and we look great in black!

  47. Perfect STYLE!
    I just discovered your blog and all I can tell you is my ADMIRATION.
    Hope you'll go far.