Operational Mode? Not Quite Yet

Due to the ongoing icy roads and the general panic of the Irish masses - '2 inches of snow! Whatever will we do?!' - I will only have my computer and internet back this weekend. To make this week better, I have decided it is going to be Comedy Week, and it's going to be chock full of amusing movies and laughter - Superbad and Dodgeball am currently in the process of downloading, amongst many other often-seen-but-still-hilarious gems.
I know I've gotten a lot of comments recently and haven't replied to many of them - for this, I apologize, but as of late I have very limited time online. A massive thank you for all your complimentary words, however!

I have no photos of me or any nice food as of late, I received some lovely new shoes today from the Topshop sale (hurrah for sales) but my camera lens broke the minute I tried to photograph them! I can't believe it - I'm looking for a new one.
Just to answer a question now that I get a lot - 'how can you afford so many clothes?' - I actually don't even have enough to pack a normal sized closet. I think I may take a picture to prove it! I don't drink, smoke or anything like that, which leaves me with a lot more side-money.
Here is an incredible design by Thierry Mugler however - I adore him, I wear his perfume Alien. I'm terribly picky with scent, I only have ever found two perfumes I like - I inherited my fathers incredibly fine-tuned nose and ears, which can both be unpleasant at times, but fabulous at others.

I've gone full circle with my iTunes library, and have turned back to listening to music I was listening to maybe a year or half a year ago. Enjoy!
Nursery of Naughtiness - Patience of Saints

Coki- Burnin'

Caspa - Cockney Violin


  1. Love it! xxx


  2. Ah come on, 2 inches...mre like 2cms!! This Irish weather is getting me down too! Love the blog, hope you can check out mine too!

  3. Wow, love the sheer netting material.

    By the way, I've mentioned you in my blog, it'd be great if you would check it out!


  4. You are one of my few daily reads. Thanks for all the inspiration.

    xoxo A/C


  5. Can I ask what the other perfume you like is? I'm very picky with scents also and Alien is my favourite!

  6. Absolutely in love with your style and music selections! Keep them coming, please. :D (Also, you don't have to answer this, but - if possible - can you recommend an androgynous perfume/cologne that has tobacco/leather/smoky notes?)


  7. Great music shares, you been serving as my radio DJ the last couple of days. Thanks for that :)

    All the best


  8. Alien is my favourite too :)
    It's a brilliant Perfume!

    I adore your taste in Fashion - gorgeous! Can't wait for your next look!

  9. Hello dear !! First: I totally felt in love with your blog, your writing, your style. And I can guarantee you I'm not so 'easy' with style ;D.
    So... I wanted to write an article about you for my blog, and I thought maybe you could answer a question for the article:

    How would you define red and black, what do these colors mean in your world/esthetic ?
    (I chose these colors because they're fundamental components of your look: red for the hair, black for the clothes (often))

    I would be so glad if you did this ! ;D

    And CONGRATULATIONS again for your splendid page !

  10. Anonymous13/1/10 10:39

    Tähti, do you have a job?

  11. Thank you to all!

    Shirley Valentine ; Classique by Gaultier. Only in very small doses though, it's a bit much if you spray it more than once.

    Rasmus ; Great! I'm thinking of doing a long mix of my favourite songs soon, so be waiting!

    Rossovelvet ; Thank you! As for your question - red is a very powerful colour, and I only own one item of clothing with the colour red - I let my hair fill the red quota for me! It's such a strong shade, and it's so noticeable, it kind of intimidates me. I believe red is best used as lipstick. Black is just my everyday colour-love, it goes with everything, it sets off my pale skin and hair, and I feel at ease in it - it's my comfort colour!

    Anonymous ; No, I'm a student, and from my grant I get 400e a month.

  12. omg, this photo is marvellous!

  13. Lovely blog! Following!


  14. i don't drink too!!

    and looks that u r quiet healthy.



  15. How in the world is her waist THAT small...crazy! I love it!!

  16. hvordan laver du de der youtube liks - kun med sang. det er jo så smart!

  17. Oh thank you, didn't noticed you answered here, I just published the article, hope you like it ;)