I'm so sorry for the distinct lack of updates lately! I am moving house, and shall be settled by the 7th. I'm excited, my new room has so much closet space and great light, and is way bigger then my current. lots of good photos will emerge from this, I think! ;D
I received an email from Photobucket today, announcing that my bandwidth is nearly exceeded - again! If anyone is linking my files from my Photobucket, please refrain from doing so and upload it to your own.

Here is a user I'm loving lately, her outfits are so unusual and inspiring, and she has looks to die for! Her name is Ruby Tanja, and HERE is her Lookbook. I think she deserves to be internet famous, so check her out!

Here are two images I'm really loving lately, I've had them in my inspiration folder for a while and I keep looking at them.


  1. Love it! xxx

  2. She's very interesting! :)

  3. lovely ruby! you're right tahti, she deserves the lookbook fame. i love the necklaces combo in the first picture. they are really lovely!
    wish you all the best for the new year :)

  4. Hello Tahti, moving? new bedroom? SHOW US! ;)

  5. You should show some pics of ur new room once you´ve settled in.Love ruby´s outfits, they´re so unusual and inspiring!

  6. Thanks for letting us know - nice of you to help boost Ruby.
    I know we all look forward to seeing your new looks next week.
    And I agree with Ulrika :-)

  7. woOoOo!! nice picssss!!**

    ..HaPPy nEW YeAR!!*

    Visit my blog & follow me!! =:-)


  8. Anonymous3/1/10 20:15

    Täthi - we love your blog and especially your Looks, so when you post your first 2010 pics we will be very thrilled and sure to be worth all the waiting.
    Those pics you posted today are cool - your twist on those will be delightful to see.
    I send you love for New Decade the move and your continued internet fame :-)
    Longing to see more inspirational photos !!

  9. Wow, that picture of Ruby Tanja is amazing! Going to check out her lookbook...

  10. Lovely pics, great blog.
    Hope your new year will be great, best wishes!

  11. just found you via WWW. loved the outfit they posted of you there.

  12. love your style so adorable :)
    i already linked your blog, visit in my blog..

    can we excahnge link?

    thank you

  13. Anonymous4/1/10 23:35

    Great blog! I see you have a list of all the websites you use in the side, but out of interest do you use ( As I see you're interested in music, it's likely to be a site you'd enjoy if you aren't already a user.

  14. haha i love your use of the term "internet famous" haha made me laugh. and you're right, she does deserve to be internet famous. as for the inspiration photos at the end, i'm more drawn to the sign behind the girl in the photo on the left, "walk like a boy" haha

  15. great photos! xoxo