Lack of Connection

As the title reads, I currently have a lack of internet connection - as I just moved house, it will take a few days before the connection is transferred and we get a new phone number. So I haven't gone A.W.O.L., just M.I.A... So I am very sorry if I don't respond to your emails or comments within the next few days!

Browsing through my inspirational folder again, I found these images - they are from Agnes Kolignan's Central St. Martins '06 show. I think they are just stunning, the intricacy of these prints, and the material chosen is just so beautiful.

This tune is an oldie but a goodie - I'm posting it because I'm still pleased with my brain for remembering it - last night, Toy and I spent about half an hour cursing and wracking our brains trying to think of the name of this track. We succeeded in the end, but only after about 30 renditions of my version of the melody dropped in it - 'It sound like a demented fairground! Dah, dah-dah-dah' et cetera. Enjoy!

Rusko - Jahova


  1. That song was sick, I appreciate your taste in music.

  2. Hi:) I just discovered your blog and I think I'm in love with it... and you are from Ireland!!!! Can't believe it, I lived there for 2 months (in Dublin) in summer 2oo8 (I was working there and living in a family) and I was looking for Irish ppl here on blogspot but didn't find any yet.
    I'm so glad I found you.

  3. whoooo LOVE IT!!!!


  4. Anonymous9/1/10 16:09

    You may already know of fashion designer Hannah Marshall but if you don't check her out, I think you'd definitely like her designs!

  5. Hi!!!
    Love it!

  6. yea, agree with you. the textures and the selected materials are just awesome. i love the eccentricity too. they are all beyond cool!

  7. This is lightly creepy!! Love your blog!!

  8. hi there - gorgeous name, gorgeous blog. I also have a question for you that I hope very much you can assist with. Love the tunes you upload & am wondering how it's done - or what exactly I need to do to get a similar thing on my blog!

    Thanks Tahti - look forward to hearing back from you!

  9. Hey Tahti,

    found your blog through lookbook and really like your style. suprised then to see you like dubstep but even more that your from ireland. you should check out caspa and rusko fabriclive 37 album some quality tunes. also check out this page

    love the blog