Hair and Sunshine

To all of you who ask me for make-up tutorials - I am so sorry I haven't posted any more than I have, I am just so terrible at them! I tried to do a video one about three times today, and it just kept failing - mainly because I have very bad eyesight, and have to do my make-up in a hand held mirror, which keeps obscuring the camera. I'll try again tomorrow, but my eyes are too sore now from having make-up washed off them multiple times (I'm also a perfectionist, and will not post anything I deem to be sub-standard) I've had a request for the blue make-up I did in my last outfit - are there any more? I'm going to try make it work all day tomorrow, as I have nothing else to do anyway.

Oh, referring to Tanya Gold - I will not stress the point, but I must wonder - she says she 'tears up pages of Vogue' - does she do this in the shop? Or at home, where she has bought the magazine purely for the purpose of tearing it up, walking home with her bag swinging off her hip, feeling her rage build with every bump? Or perhaps in a waiting room - becoming consumed by her loathing and launching into an attack that disturbs fellow waiting-room residents?

I compiled a list yesterday of songs I can't bear to listen to anymore, because they remind me too much of the people I listened to them with. I found two tracks which I can listen to however, probably because their place in my life was more than four years ago - which is good to know, because then I can listen to the Dresden Dolls, Hilight Tribe and many more in two or three years. Anyway, below are the two aforementioned songs.

Desolate Ways - Morbid Angel

Blackened Waters - Black Label Society

Went for a long walk with Maeve today - four hours! We went to a great abandoned warehouse that is about five minutes away from my house. It's on an area of land where I spent a lot of my younger years hanging out in - someone bought the plot of land are fenced it off though, then knocked away a lot of the hidden hang-outs. It was sad to see my childhood bulldozed. The sun was so vivid today, I had to walk around wearing sunglasses... on the upside, red hair looks fantastic in bright sunshine!
Look at Maeve's hair, I'm so jealous. Mine still bears some of the damage from bad heat styling (plus I never really brush it, aha) her colour is so amazing. Below - look, I have a sun flare in my photo, I am officially cool now. I was meant to come out as a silhouette but my beloved camera picked up some detail (for once). Now you all can see that I exist outside my natural habit, which is indoors in close proximity to a computer or a book.


  1. Thank you - great photos.
    Love the urban outdoor shot - like something from The Wire, very edgy + we now know you exist in outside World.
    Love the"sensible shoes" for 4 hour walk LOL
    Had to edit pic in photo programme to see detail.
    + Hair colour of you both is toooo much.

  2. These are such gorgous photos! You should take photos outside more often, the sun loves you!

  3. wow, great lgithting!
    the last one is AMAZING!
    what kind of cam+lense do you use?

  4. I'm loving the outdor pic too :-)

  5. I really love your pictures !

  6. can't believe I've only just found your blog, i love it x

  7. First of all, yes, Tähti and Maeve, both of you are beautiful. I am just saying it because of my lack of better arguments to describe you. But, I also know it is so obvious and cliché. Congratulations! You should take more outdoor photos, Tähti. Despite despising sun, you look awesome under it!

    Second, I read Tanya Gold's text and I will answer her question:

    "Do you think that fashion is oppressive to women – and men – or should we celebrate it as a source of fun and self-expression?"

    We have to consider she was too fat once, as she describes herself, and we all know that looking for clothes to a fat person is harder. Anyway, someone, who was once fat, seeing marvelous girls on magazines covers, is not delightful. Tearing Vogue’s pages may be relaxing. It was what she found to blame Fashion for her weight. Without considering that being fat is unhealthy and fashion had not influenced on her gain of weight. Her difficulty to find something nice to wear is consequence of her bad alimentation habits.

    She also commented the little interview she had with a model. I know models are models because they want to be one. They are not forced to it. And, being a model you are warned that you have to keep thin because the look has to fit on you. You are being used as a tool for selling that product, i.e. clothes, shoes and bags. You (model) are not on runway to show your face and your qualities, whatever they are.

    I also know models are warned to keep a healthy alimentation, probably you know the reason: to keep a beautiful skin and they want you as gorgeous as possible. Remember: models will help them to sell the designers’ products. It’s their job! They retouch the photos in order to attract people and make they buy the product. They make us think if we buy it we can look like the girl –or men, who is on the cover, on runway. It is marketing!
    Probably, I would not have the intention to buy a new product if it is being advertised by a person, who has an uninteresting beauty or nothing new to offer me. I think you do not either, Tähti.
    About the strange things designers are able to create, I have an opinion; they are free to create whatever they want. They own this “power”. This is the way they have to express their creativity. It’s up to us if we want wear it. I once send you an e-mail talking about the trends people follow blindly, right?
    People have to have in their minds that they have to respect their own personality. Instead of wearing things just because it is cool (now). People always want to be the centre of attention, wherever they go – Okay! It’s not a rule. And, people, who do it, are able to do what is needed to keep safe their places under highlights. Perhaps, I am exaggerating.
    I think when people go shopping; they have to think twice (or three times) before doing it. They ought to try the clothes – on the case of the girl who fell between the carriages, shoes. See if it is comfortable, if it really gives stability and, also, if it is made with good quality materials. The girl might have not considered it.
    Fashion is fun and helps you express yourself. It is only oppressive for people who do not use it wisely; for people who do not read the label before consuming it.

    Sorry for the long post. ^^"

    Marcelo Quaglio, from Brazil.

  8. Interesting article you linked to there. I'm trying to decide if she actually has a point or if, just if, she's a little too bitter for her own good. I'd call myself a die-hard feminist, but I get the impression that she would also call herself a die-hard feminist and snarl at anyone in the sisterhood who dares to like a little bit of eyeliner. I could go on, but comment pages on blogs are not the place to do it. Instead I shall say that your pictures are beautiful - and via your blog I have discovered Illamasqua's pale foundations and I am forever in your debt!

  9. omg, the photos are beautiful. gorgeous hair!!!


  10. I always love when you post a new look because they (and you) are always so beautiful!

  11. That hair is beautiful!!!

  12. That sun is stunning!! Beautiful shots!!

  13. i heart your eyebrows :)

  14. u are so amazing!! love the last shot! who takes pictures for u?

  15. ooh that last photo is a-maz-ing! i LOVE red hair now :D

  16. You never walked four hours in the Boutique wedges!

  17. ...and that's exactly why everyone envies/loves you ;D

  18. Brilliant outdoor photo!
    I have 2 favourite female fashion blogs, Louise (Miss Pandora) and yours Tahti. While Pandora is pretty, feminine whith photo shoots against elegant Parisian exteriors - you go exact opposite with pure beauty and stark post-apocalypse urban decay.
    After some thought I decided you win by a mile - a true original, you are.
    Is Tideland in Haiti ?

  19. You girls look like heroines from a fairytale!

  20. amazing photos! i really love the last one <3

  21. I love the outdoor pictures.


  22. I absolutely lovelovelove your new outfit and your new choice of location!
    im sorry i cant seem to express my opinion in a non-freakish way :}

  23. Anonymous27/1/10 15:10

    awesome pictures!!!
    so cute sister's love, like me & mine <3


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