90 for 10

All those interested in make-up can now despise my computer along with me now, as the promised make-up video was recorded this morning, then I left the computer alone for a few hours and it died. I'm typing on my netbook now, which is only really useful for connecting to the internet, so I don't store anything on it. Our iMac is a ridiculous computer ever actually, it seems to have a permanent case of whining PMS. It demands external monitors, hard drives, speakers, you name it, and it still breaks. In case of disappointment I must say the the microphone is broke on my computer (you wouldn't expect anything else) so the explanation will be added underneath in text, whenever I manage to recover it.

I am not one to claim I do not follow trends - and I may always be late at writing about them, seeing as I prefer to talk about fashion when it comes into effect, i.e. SS actually in SS, instead of FW. I love trends personally, even the dubious ones. I do pick and choose, however. I was completely opposed to the '90's revival when it initially raised it's phat denim-clad self, but it's grown on me, as many trends do. I bought my very first denim item in maybe four to five years on Friday, and I have to say I adore it - it will be making a cameo in an outfit very soon.
I have no plans (as of yet) to be clothing myself in MC Hammer style loons, nor do I have any desire to clad my thighs in some scantily cut cycling shorts. A toned down version of MC Hammer would be sweet though... I very recently have adopted my newest favourite item however, which is knee pads - or in my case, knee bands - yet again, to be making a cameo very soon. Many people comment on how much black I wear, thankfully as the seasons change, so does my appearance. Anyway...

Nay ;
- All demin outfits. I don't care what anyone says, even Chloe couldn't make this work.
- Grunge. I have no desire to look like a fourteen year old again.
- Overalls. Oh god.
- Trainers with platforms equals instant clubfeet.

Yay ;
- Rollerskate style wear - lots of lycra, knee pads, crop tops, jumpers knotted around your waist. We have a fantastic pair of rollerskates hidden away somewhere, I plan to re-enact my chilhood fantasies of rollerskating as I now live in a house surrounded by very smooth tarmac, which were unable to materialize as I used to live in a place surrounded by fields.
- Baby doll style, cute dresses in pastel shades with white over-knee socks. Oh, I'm a prude - oops! No I'm not.
- Dr Martens - I've been wearing them since I was four, and have no intention of stopping.

I think what really turned my mind to liking the 90's revival was the band Salt n Pepa. I'm actually glad I can now listen to all the cheesy music of my youth without being thought of as a total idiot. Vengaboys, anyone?

Salt n Pepa - Push It

What other mini-trends do I like for SS10? Loving the new nudes - particularly the original dance wear pale pink colour. Biscuit, pale sand, baby pink, watery lilac... They're all so feminine and pretty. Duo-tone hair, very much so - or gradient dye. I won't be dying my hair, but I'll admire from a distance.


  1. I am totally agreeing with you, Tahti. and Salt and Pepa definitely made reading the post better. But what show is the second picture from? I adore it. - maddie

  2. I can't get my head around the cycling shorts thing. It was bad enough last summer. As for the two-tone hair, I ended up with that by accident on Thursday. All hail the 1990s.

  3. fabulous post! just stumbled upon your blog and i really appreciate your perspective on fashion. i agree: overalls will always and have always only been for those fashionistas 10 years old and below :)

    also, dip-dyed and/or gradient hair is fantastic - i love the complexity i gives to even the most simple looks.

    keep up the great posts!


  4. I do see some girls wearing cycling shorts under too-short skirts - like, to tone down the sluttiness of the skirt. It actually looks pretty great. And oh, the pastel-coloured hair... if only I had the guts!

  5. i'm loving the sheer and neon pink too <3


  6. Vengaboys, Aqua... what else. I think I also had a few songs by backstreet boys.

    And Spice Girls!:]

  7. i love this look so much. you have such a beautiful face!

    where is that jacket from, it's certainly different, but i love it.

    i never really liked the idea of jeans all over but this is definitely an exeption

  8. I love that kidult somewhat disturbing pastel effect, it's striking !! So I absolutely agree about the babydoll YAY !! :)