I like breeze, I like gale force when I'm inside, but a mild wind which is apparently compulsory in Ireland during the heavy depressing drizzle months is downright depressing, and furthermore, irritating.
I actually like to walk in the rain, especially if it's very heavy - but the minute any semblance of wind whips up, all the joy is taken out of it. Wind always makes you feel the cold, stillness removes it, somehow. I remember being outside in February in Finland one day, as thinking how lovely it was, and then seeing it was -20 celcius on the thermometer. The lack of breeze, as I mentioned...
I can't believe I'm typing about the weather - as boring and banal a topic as it may be, the dreary singularity of the style of weather in Ireland demands to be known about. I don't fully understand how this fair isle used to be such a major tourist attraction (mainly before 9.11) seeing as for 10 out of 12 months of the year, the months are always half full of drizzle.
However, perhaps I should be more appreciative - Ireland mainly has calm and grey weather, perhaps with a tad of breeze. I love this, because I fear the sun with a great passion incomparable to anything else on my list of loathing.

Speaking of my list of loathing - it is fresh upon my mind as I went on a minor rant last night about the things I do not like - I will tell you one item from each category of the five senses. This is not particularly cheerful, nor is it good karma to rant in general, but bear with me.
1. Taste - spicy food - anything but wasabi I find quite vile.
2. Touch - Glass that has come out of a dishwasher, or just glass in general.
3. Sight - Brown. Anything brown. Especially dirty beige, the colour of corporate carpeting.
4. Sound - Metal cutlery scraping off plates - I let out a vague shriek when I hear this, and have to restrain myself from throwing something at the culprit.
5. Smell - Any kind of air freshener, cheap perfume or chemical smells in general.

Above all, I believe brown is my least favourite thing - colour, shade, whatever you choose to call it, I will itemize it for this sentences sense however - in the world. Truly. I do not own anything brown, other than perhaps brown eyeshadow (which for some reason does not count.) Look around you, right now. How many shades of brown can you see? Currently being next to a bookshelf, at a desk, sitting on a chair than touches that floor in a room with three doors, I can see far to many shades for my own personal good.
When I eventually own my own house, not a single thing in it will be brown. Books that are brown will be covered in Marimekko cloth. All the walls in the house will be either cream, purple, blue or red, and the furniture will be black and white. Then I will be very happy, as it is one of my dreams that it is possible to exist in a beautiful house without a single item of brown anywhere.

I hope this list hasn't brought your spirits down from a joyous peak - in penance, tomorrow I promise I will compile a list of the things that please my senses to the utmost.

Here is a photo I thought I would share from last year, when I modeled for someone. I think it's quite visually intriguing. Thank you for your suggestions layout-wise, I quickly made a banner as I had a detritus of creative ideas. I think for now it will suffice.
Hope all reading this are having a fantastic Saturday!


  1. I love your blog. I havent followd it more then a few days but its just so inspering and amazing I must say :D

  2. I love this photo!! Look like SF haircut, in Bjork style maybe ^^ You have so beautiful face!
    Kisses from Paris!