White Blonde

While browsing online style sites (Chictopia, Lookbook, et cetera) I realized that a lot of the looks that get loads of love (even if you can't see the outfit, or the outfit is weak) are all of girls with white blonde or platinum hair - nearly none of which are naturally that colour.
I found this interesting, and decided to put the question out to you readers ; do you love platinum hair? If so, why?
I admit it is a striking colour, but if I had to choose over a natural beautiful mane of brown hair, and a dyed platinum, I would pick the brown. I'm interested in why exactly white blonde is so fascinating. If you have any thoughts, please share them!


  1. I think its because we are grown up with that "blonds have more fun" and that all sexy girls are blonde. I think its something speciall with the color and I really dont know why. Maybe because more people have darker hair? I love platinum and I have had it myself (have black hair now) But I think people that have platinum has very bad hair, extensions and so on. And often its only look good in photos thanx to photoshop and irl it sucks HAHA.

  2. Tahti, you forgot the other parts of the recipe to having a 500+ hyped look in lookbook:

    1.- platinum blonde hair, messy and unwashed when possible
    2.- being 90% naked (leggings and tights do not count as clothing)
    3.- putting an emo song lyric as your title
    4.- massive post-processing in Lightroom, Photoshop, etc - vignetting, upping the exposure and/or contrast


  3. I prefer natural hair to be completely honest.
    My hair is a dark brown naturally and I wouldn't dream of dying it a platinum blonde.
    1) Because I would look utterly retarded and
    2) I think it would ruin my hair.

  4. I had platinum hair once myself, I think its this idea that blondes are sexier & have more fun, but today I find girls with dark hues to be much more naturally beautiful!

  5. the most important thing to get hypes is not only to be blonde: it is to have a picture where you cannot see the oufit but is beautiful, to be swedish, to be thin, and if you are already popular, to wear the same everyday, people will still hype you even if you are wearing a shit (literally) as a hat.
    Darling, you are a different case, you really have style, so we hype u because we appreciate it (truly)

  6. Anonymous8/12/09 01:40

    I think it's because that particular color of blonde is soo faded and jaded. it has this mysterious feel to it, and when someone walks into a room with that color hair, you will immediately notice them. Especially with a gorgeus red lip.

  7. Thank you for all your answers (and sideline compliments)! I agree that sometimes hyping is dubious, I couldn't believe I got so many hypes on a look I did wearing a leather jacket...
    I'm adamant it was just because of the leather jacket, too, so now I refuse to wear it. (Sightly cutting off my nose to spite my face, but still.)

    It will be interesting to see the results of the latest competition on LB I think, I bet you Shelley M is going to win, or at least going by Luzhilda's list to popularity!

  8. I'm a natural blonde and I like it this way, although if I could choose I'd like to be a natural redhead. Or pitch black haired. A dyed blonde might look ok on someone but often it's pretty horrible imo.

    About Lookbook, one thing that annoys me are really boring looks that get a lot of hype just because the picture is amazing. Of course a good photo makes also the clothes look better and I try to take interesting shots too, but in the end it should be about the look and not a photography (or model) contest.

    Maybe I'm just bitter. :D

  9. coucou moi personnellemnent je prefere les cheveux roux,voila une couleur de cheveux qui n'est pas mis souvent en avant et qui sort de l'ordinaire les sites devraient y penser...n'est ce pas?

  10. I think 90% of the looks that get hyped on lookbook are questionable. If the hair is white blonde and the girl/boy is so thin they look like they're about to break, they get so, so much hype. So many outfits are so uncreative and just a copy of what everyone else has done - big glasses, white hair, fur coat, leggings. It's why I love the looks you create (suck up). They're original, exciting and what YOU clearly love. Not what you think others "want" to see.

  11. Anonymous9/12/09 20:18

    The hair is so striking and beautiful on its own, the shape of the hair (or lack of shape) stands out so much more, if it's a bob or a back-comb or even a ponytail. I don't know why I'm drawn to it but it seems like it's a fashion all on its own. But shiny brown hair is beautiful too haha

  12. I think it's sad what lookbook.nu has become, it used to be more about the outfit when it was less popular, no it's just a place where as long as you're pretty and, as someone else pointed out, Swedish you're going to get hyped despite the actual outfit :/
    That being said, I actually really enjoy your outfits :)

  13. I think people vote for the photography, the prettiness of the model, etc. It would be interesting to just upload photos of the clothes by itself because then there wouldn't be any judging on the person who owns them.
    Eg. There was a look on lookbook with a girl crossing the road and I have to admit that her clothes were quite boring and common really yet she had loads of hypes and hearts. If she had taken a photo of just her clothes, I don't think she would have had as many hypes!

  14. I think it's really an age thing. In my early teens I prefered blondes and so wore blonde. In my late teens I liked the brunette look so I wore black. Now I'm accepting and am happy with my ginger roots and am wearing ginger. Hair colours come in and out of fashion.

  15. You know, good question, I have seen many of my friends (models and non-models) go back and forth through the years with their hair colour, the early 90s club kid days in Manhattan being a high point of platinum from my college years, and over and over I still gravitate toward the women with darker hair, pale skin, and red lips from my even earlier goth days. When I asked others about their like of the white blonde look, they said it helped them in paying attention to the clothing, so am not sure...I do know that I much prefer Jessica Stam with her blonde hair colour - but that is far and few between when it comes to my personal taste for models. Carmen Kass looks too washed out...I dunno...I know I don't care for the Taylor look from RZ Season I & II when it comes to look, colour, or styling.

  16. Interesting question. I honestly don't like white blond hair, unless its natural. I'll confess that your hair is my dream color..I think that red hair is so beautiful.
    I think that looks are hyped now based on the photo- not neccesarily the outfit. But it makes sense, because if its a stunning photo people want to look at it.

  17. I've got naturally very fair blond hair and I used to hate it, I've always wanted to be brunette and got beautiful brown or black hair. I don't understand girls, who change their naturall colour (which always fits the best!) to platinum blonde, it looks ugly (it doesnt fit to too dark skin, brow eyes, regrowth are horrible) and so plastic!

  18. Anonymous16/1/10 11:11

    I think it is a childhood thing. A lot of babies and toddlers have very light blonde hair, later to become a darker shade of ash/grey blond (happened to me ;)). With icey-blonde hair some girls/guys come of as cute and innocent as rugrats- which is appealing to a lot of people.