Red Ribbons

Ribbons incorporated into a hairstyle are so charming, don't you think? Today I'm wearing one in my ponytail. I find they give a very sweet, doll-like tinge to an outfit which previously without the addition was edgy.
I was contacted today by Yuri Lee from Lookbook about using one of my pictures on a banner, so I'm very flattered. Sundays are always so slow... that fact can wing both ways, either it is a delight or a disappointment.

As I mentioned in my last post, my penance for negativity was to compile a list of things that bring joy to each of my senses, which you can read below.
1. Taste ; Sour food, in particular lemons and limes. Even more in particular, very unsugared lemon tart.
2. Touch ; Satin feeling fabrics, especially when they are warm.
3. Sight ; People smiling with pure happiness.
4. Sound ; Classical piano playing touching and beautiful songs.
5. Smell ; Cardamom, when used in baking.

My outfit. You can find the look on Lookbook HERE. Have a nice Sunday!


  1. Nice outfit!! And I really love this make-up on you...
    I would like to know if you are working as a model in real life? Because you should be... You are so beautiful and so original at the same time!
    Kisses from Paris! ^^

  2. I totally agree with you about ribonns + hair, it gives a sweet touch to the outfit!

  3. You have a very unique appearance.

  4. Found your blog through Lookbook and LOVE your style! I agree with Pandore, you should definitely be modelling. There are so few uniquely stylish Irish women and I think if I saw you on the streets of Dublin, I'd definitely take a second look!

  5. great outfit it's hard but sweet at the same time

  6. amazing outfit, love it so much!

    Theory of a fashion victim

  7. youre really great, thank you for sharing with us :)
    im doing a art project now it would be so great if i have you as models sigh...apparently the world is not small enough!