Outfit 31.12

Along with the new year, a new decade approaches! I'm so excited, I hope this one is a lot better than the last. Have you made any resolutions? Mine are as follows ;
- Bake more
- Build an incredible collection of shoes
- Improve my French
- Save for a Chanel bag

I am a firm believe that you are never too old or young for a genre of music - a band in particular is ABBA. I think that anyone who has a dancing bone in their body will, or should, love them! 2010 hasn't hit yet, it's another 7 hours, and I plan to ring it in with some groovin' music, also known as disco. This is a tradition that happened maybe 2 years ago, when I was at a large party with my mates and just before the new year hit, someone put Jungle Boogie on the stereo (by Kool & The Gang) Definitely one of the more funny sights I have seen, about 20 metalheads rocking out to disco, aha!
I also added a disco version of Beethoven for you listeners - I adore this track! It's so tongue-in-cheek.

Walter Murphy - A Fifth of Beethoven

ABBA - Money Money Money

ABBA - Does Your Mother Know

Many lovely hopes and thoughts to all for the new decade! You can find this outfit on Lookbook by clicking HERE, the clothes are labeled there.


  1. Perfect black outfit. Everything goes so well together.

  2. How did you make that bag?

  3. i love all black everything!!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Missy!!!
    Miss Z

  4. Loving the bag! And your necklace, the addition of silver is a lovely little detail. The whole ensemble is fantastic.

    Have a great New Year


  5. Happy new year, I love ABBA and your shoes. :) xxx

  6. very nice! happy new year ;-D

  7. I love the bag; you made it yourself but how? New years resolutions are the same as always; enjoy life a little more and grab EVERY opportunity with both hands whatever it is, Travel more (preferably with a friend), and drink more tea and less coffee/fizzy/smoothie (and yes I realise that smoothie is good for you but not in the quantities that I like to drink it in!)

  8. your resolutions are interesting;]
    happy new year!

  9. Happy new year!! 8) i just found ur blog via lookbook and i definitely love ur outfits and style! but i got to ask to make sure, do you have related to the Finns?

  10. Anonymous1/1/10 16:31

    Very natural beauty and fatastic sense of style.
    I'll be looking out for lots more intersting thoughts and looks in 2010 from you.
    Who takes the pictures for you ?
    They are a good potographer and you pose so perfectly - it's a joy to see your images.
    I think you could easily become a top model.

  11. Top fashionista with such a beautiful face, wonderful colouring and perfect proportions - I love the wacky shoes on those elegant long slender legs - top marks for a really hot head turning beauty.

  12. Anonymous1/1/10 18:36

    I love all your looks!
    You've got a finnish name? Are you from finland?

  13. Thank you to all! Your complimentary words are really lovely and always make my day.

    Anonymous ; I take my own pictures, cheers! Hmm I'm more of a behind-the-scenes type of person, I'd like to work with models, but doing their make-up and styling them, not posing next to them! ;D

    Anonymous 2 ; Thank you. I don't live in Finland, but I am half Finnish.

  14. Yes, Chanel bag is...bag for your all live, and so chic !

    I want be makeupartist too ;)

  15. Good resolutions - I also intend to improve my French and bake more! Excellent outfit and styling. ^-^

  16. Loveee the look! Your pose! The bag :)

  17. in love with your every single outfit ! ;)

  18. Tahti - you are far too hot to hide away behind the scenes. You have a very iconic look and the camera clearly loves you. With such amazing natural beauty and brilliant sense of style you are exactly right to show fashion designers clothes and accessories at the very best advantage.
    Someone in the industry is going to spot you - so go for it when the offer comes.
    How tall are you btw ?

  19. Bonne année!
    ABBA est simplement génial:) Et bonne chance en ce qui concerne le français!:)
    T'es toujours magnifique.:)

  20. hi tahti, i'm a fan of yours in lookbook and now just followed your blog :)
    your style is very lovely and very hype-worthy as usual. i wonder where did you learn to style yourself that great. that's just wow! :)

    good luck for your new year resolutions and happy belated new year! :)

  21. Anonymous2/1/10 14:09

    Happy New Year Thahti
    You have one of the nicest Blogs on the internet and the hottest Lookbook.
    I love the way you make High Street look like the most expensive designer samples. Your New years outfit was wonderful and the Marimekko Shirt Look was fabulous. In fact ALL your looks are just great - you look wonderful in everything !

  22. Anonymous2/1/10 17:52

    Another brilliant Look !
    I hope you'll forgive me saying this - but - this Look, like many of your other wonderful Looks could, on most women, easily look cheap. tarty or borderline fetish - but on you its always ultra sophisticated, stylish and super-super sexy !
    You certainly have the X Factor.
    Like all the others, I'm a fan and looking forward to your 2010 inspiring picures.

  23. So cool - I hyped it.

  24. love your resolutions! more shoes and a nice bag which is worth every penny

    happy new year


  25. Amazing!
    I'm following your blog!


  26. Lovin' that lil pouch you've got strapped on! A great addition to the superb outfit!

    Also.... happy new year!


  27. Happy 201 Tahti!!!
    I have an addiction with black... so I just can LOVE this look!wonderful as usual, the jacket is perfection!

  28. You, my friend, look just FIERCE !!!!

    by the way, what kind of camera do you use for taking your picture ?
    and when in a day do you find the time to shoot yourself ?
    each time I try, i never find a moment in my day !

  29. Anonymous27/1/10 14:38


    Improve your french, improve your french...
    I can help you, U know?
    Je suis PARISIENNE!!! ;)