Outfit 08.12

These new harem pants are such a gorgeous colour! My mother got them for me for Christmas, but I was allowed to have them now... ;D I had to take the photo outside because it was already too dark at 2 p.m. for my usual indoor photography... This is my first pair of harem pants, I have to say I like them! Very comfy.
HERE is the look on Lookbook.

Oh! My glasses are actual 'real' glasses by the way, I have terrible eyesight so these are prescription lenses... I'm no trendy blogger with only the frames for my style, I'm the real deal - nerdy glasses wise! ;D

What do you think of this photo - I was thinking maybe it would be a better banner than the one I have currently?


  1. i really want your figure and that jacket is amzingg!

  2. You have SUCH a perfect figure. Gorgeous skin too - I wish my hair was as vibrant (and I'm a natural red head too).
    The blue is very complimentary to your hair.

  3. love love your outfit :)
    i found you on lookbook and love your style...
    love M.

  4. I think you should have this one as a banner insted ;D

  5. i like that photo for the banner!

  6. all this colors look amazing on you!!!
    I don't like harem pants but you look gorgeous in every thing :)

    the black and white pic is perfect for the banner and I'm fallowing you on twitter already (@natalhab)

    ps: loved the ankle boots and the necklace

  7. Anonymous8/12/09 21:22

    u are gorgeous. so you're part finnish? i'm finnish. yay for finland! :D

  8. love the new picture, you should use it for your banner

  9. You're the most beautiful person I've ever seen in my entire life.

  10. Hi darling!
    Found you on lookbook and i think I've seen you on Chictopia as well :) I absolutely adore those pants on you. I'm kinda obsessed with everything harem right now! The color looks great with your hair...

  11. dear god, you are too gorgeous.
    I love the hair and everything!

  12. love the banner of your blog,
    your very pretty and your outfit is gorge!
    so fierce!

    Theory of a fashion victim

  13. beautiful photos, blog, hair, style, posture!
    I love it.

  14. i love the pants, not really a fan of them in general, but you look great in yours!

  15. The color palet is really nice and I like the sculptural details and elements of the outfit. Very inspiring outfit-posts!
    - Cecilie E. from www.highlydazed.com

  16. you have to do this picture as your banner its just perfect!
    is that a hm pants?with a little bit silky material? if it is i have it too!
    xoxo amber