Outfit 02.12

I'm on a muffin craze, I just made some tasty blueberry ones... Me and my sister ate them warm with a tiny bit of ice-cream, so lovely!
More vintage today - a total gem of a pair of trousers form the ever reliable mother! Love this style of trousers, not sure what to call them - just wide legged and high waisted? They're so well made - wool, with a silk lining. I might taper them in a bit so they're easier to tuck into boots, but I'll have to think on it.
Here is the look on Lookbook. Hope everyone who reads this is having a great day!


  1. fantastic blog. amazing fashion sense.
    ...who shot this?

    anyway, you'd be a good candidate for the jimmy choo competition. learn more about it on my blog: www.hopeculturelove.blogspot.com

  2. Thank you! I take all my photos myself, with a tripod and a remote...

  3. O lived the pants and the boots!!!
    thanks for the boots, really cool.. the high heels are amazing!

    Your makeup look perfect as always..

  4. Anonymous4/12/09 21:50

    I think those style of trousers are called Harem trousers, not sure though.
    Love your style!

  5. Anonymous8/12/09 07:07

    I was wondering if you can post some techniques on how u do ur makeup its awesome!