Murphy's Law

I just iced and marzipan-ed our Christmas cake, and I ran out of icing literally just before the cake was covered. There's now a 2 inch squared gap showing the yellow almond glory beneath, am so annoyed! Mainly because now an entire other packet needs to be bought, whereas I only need a smidgen. Sigh.

I attempted to stay up for the F Word yesterday, but I end up going a bit awry after staying awake for nearly 2 days, and therefore passed out promptly after cooking a quiche. That's okay though, because I can just watch it online (not as good, but still!) Cooking programs are my very favourite to watch.
I'm sorry I'm not posting many pictures lately, unfortunately by 1 or 2 o clock in the afternoon it's too dark to take photos without flash! Hmm...

Here is one of my favourite artists - I have so much music, I always forget about so many artists I like! Rap wise, I like artists like Avalon who have funky sounding beats and 'unusual' voices and/or rhyming schemes. I like so many genres of music, in fact the only ones I don't like at least one song from are death metal, teenybop (i.e. Miley Cyrus, OMFG) and jazz. I can't listen to either, the former makes me want to destroy the stereo before I get really depressed and angry... the latter makes me confused and irritable. I suppose I just don't understand either. Generally, I've very accepting music-wise...

Mickey Avalon - So Rich, So Pretty

Mickey Avalon - Romeo and Juliet