Maxi Bodysuits

Full length bodysuit sounded far too dweeb for a title, so I thought up the snappy 'maxi-bodysuit' instead. For some reason I shy away from the word 'catsuit', it makes me think of my cat looking disapprovingly at me, as he is wont to do.

I remember really wanting one a few years ago, and having the internet fail me. I found a beautiful one on Topshop maybe a year or too ago by knitwear expert Louise Goldin, but the price was too steep. Ebay is full of be-fishnetted beauties - which I would not touch with an eleven foot long Lagerfeld-approved fashion stick.
I'm not a huge fan of 'one-stop dressing', which is why I don't own any dresses, but the possibilities with the maxi-bodysuit are just so great. The braver soul would view it as an outfit in it's own sense, but I doubt I would wear it as such... It would be so fantastis though teamed with a skirt and some statement heels. I personally would buy one in plain black (obviously) to match with the majority of my closet... I'm thinking some statement heels and skirt over a skintight black beauty. No snagged tights, no too loose tops - so simple, yet so effective.
Ideal - Louise Goldin, FW 08.


  1. omg that's crazy but kind of cute

  2. A M A Z I N G !

    love it
    xx helen

  3. so cool!!

  4. Lovely blog! Love the bodysuit

  5. Why's the picture not working? :(

  6. wow its really ...weird... but you are true...with skirt, heels and big bracelets maybe can look really cool and elegant :)