I Live on Short Regrets

My apologies for not posting anything in the past two days, my boyfriend came over so there was no time for typing, instead it was spent of catching up and eating potato waffles with my younger sister... haha! Well, I only ate about a 1/3 of one... I'm not a fan of frozen and processed food, but I suppose they are fun to look at.

I just made some nice faux-carrot cake muffins. They're missing the cream cheese icing however! I'm a firm believer of perfect combinations in food, which is only strengthened by the carrot cake/cream cheese icing combination. So delicious! I realized yesterday that a lot of the foods I love are not actually because of the taste, but because of the texture, the colour or the shape. I think I eat with my eyes before I taste anything at all.

I bought some great new false eyelashes from GOSH today - very seasonal, they have diamante! I found some fantastic diamante strips also, both which will eventually be making a debut in some pictures.
I really should be posting more make-up looks in my opinion, I do have an overflowing traincase of MAC after all... I should put it to better use! If there is anything you'd like to see me try out, or do a tutorial on, just comment.

If you don't know who Crystal Castles are yet, now is the time to start listening! If you watched Skins you maybe remember the scene where they are playing in some club...
Here is my second favourite song of theirs, I can't even think of good words to describe it - you'll just have to listen! Check out Air War, Vanished and Crimewave too if you like...

Crystal Castles - Untrust Us

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