Blush Tutorial

Someone asked me to do a tutorial of how I do my blush/contour - so I kindly obliged!
Before I start, I must point out that this is a rough guide for contouring. My cheekbones are flat and long, therefore my contour will appear long and low on my face. To make a contour look natural, you really have to find out exactly how the shadow would appear on your face. Most people say the 'fish face' is the most effective, but personally I don't think so - you will see hollows in your cheeks, but most of the time they will appear too low down, or in the wrong place altogether. Really feel under and around your cheekbones, to determine their shape. I find moving your jaw and mouth across, opposite side of the cheek you are looking at shows the cheekbone well.
An example of the difference - my contour will be long and not have much of a extreme angle. The darkest shadow will appear just before and underneath the apples of my cheeks. However, my sister has high planed, short cheekbones - therefore to make it appear natural, the darkest shadow will be closer to the start of her cheekbones and not near the apples of her cheeks, and at a far different angle. Instead of being on angle with her mouth though, it will curve slightly under the apples of her cheeks. Look at a picture HERE.

Before I start, here is a song I really love! It is very special to me, and has a beautiful tone to it. I actually love hiphop and rap, and listen to a lot of it. Most people are surprised to learn that I have D12's discography, they typecast me as far from it as possible I guess - very wrong!
As a counter reaction to the melancholy the first track here, I've added a track from the aforementioned D12. Enjoy!

Don't You Trust Me - Tupac Shakur (R.I.P.)

Leave Dat Boy Alone - D12

Now! I'm not going to make a tutorial for foundation application, as everyone's skin is different, so everyone will have a different way of applying base. But just for informations sake, I wear a 3:1 mix of (in ratio order) Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation in 105 and MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation in NC15.
Apply your base over a primer. I use the darker of my foundations (Studio Fix) and apply it with a light hand over and under my cheekbones and on my temples.

1. Depending on your skin tone and using a large fluffy brush, lightly brush a matte blush natural to your skin tone across and under your cheekbones. I flush pink, so I use a dark pink toned blush - however, if you have yellow undertones, a pink with peachy colouring may be more suitable. Using a smaller brush, sweep a darker colour underneath your cheekbones, concentrating the colour on the place the shadow would fall deepest naturally. Use some lightly on your temples also. I'm using a pale brown colour, which I've found on pale skin tends to universally work well if you get the colour blend correctly with the blush.
2. Using a large eyeshadow brush, I blend a mix of the blush and contour colour, and concentrate the colour again on the area which the deepest shadow would fall.
3. Using a large brush, blend the contour out. It's important not to over blend, as this will make the contour disappear and look strange. Blend it in small circles until the harsh line is just gone. Apply a highlighter colour on the tops of your cheekbones.
4. A clear idea of how I apply my contour - yellow is my highlight area, orange is the sweep of natural coloured blush, blue is the initial contour, and the darker blue area is the deepening of the contour.

Using a peach-toned blush to even out all the pink tones, I dab a small amount on the apples of my cheeks. I apply some more highlight at this point, around the area of my cheek next to my nose, and blending into the initial highlight to brighten it further. I also place some on my browbone, and on the edge of my jawline, and the centre of my chin. I also apply some translucent powder, to further blend my make-up, set my foundation and make my skin more even and matte - and there you have it!

Now after all that tiring work blending, let your hair down and go eat something tasty - facial expression mandatory, naturally! Enjoy!


  1. Thank you so much for the helpful tutorial!

  2. You are so pretty! Love the last picture :) xxx

  3. Ive just stumbled across your blog from lookbook and I absolutely love it! Im adding you to my blog roll

  4. lol the last pic is just too cute.

    great tut! simplicity at it's best.

  5. LOL at the last pic. I think I'd pull the same face =P
    Thanks for the tut, very well explained. WHen will your sister be appearing here? I'm curious to see what she looks like!

  6. I'm glad people found this helpful, thank you for your kind words!
    I suppose my sister can make an appearance soon, when we take some photos together! We look very alike, just everything is slightly tweaked ;D

  7. Love following the blog...

    p.s what primer do you use on your face?

  8. A/C - GOSH Velvet Touch Primer. Thank you!

  9. o wow! that has solved soooo many mysteries for me!! can't wait to try this out. im glad i stumbled across your blog. your writing and detailed instructions are truly inspriring.

  10. What do you use as a contour?? I'm not quite as pale as you, I think, but paler than the palest MAC, and I've had a bit of a time finding something that doesn't make me look like a bad attempt at drag...
    Very helpful though. You look lovely.

  11. Awww-mazing!!!!!!!!!
    Woah! I have just discovered your blog. I am a new follower, one more in the huge bunch of them you have got here, haha.
    Nice to meet you and greets from Spain!
    This is my blog in case you want to stop by and say hi!