The Apocalypse

This evening (or rather, in my time zone, early morning) I shall go on a semi-rant about a few of my ultimate pet peeves.
In our delightfully advanced modern era, one would think the masses would have evolved to the point of all being equipped with a modicum of good taste and style - yet as the evolutionary cycle creeps yet another decade forward, there seems to be a noticeable change happening - aesthetics are disappearing.
Calamity! Must we endure another Dark Ages, replace the paranoia for the plague with swine flu, and burn our fashion houses instead of our heathens? Is this what the 2012 predictions are truly hinting towards - the aesthetic apocalypse?

I have labeled this post under 'fashion', but perhaps I should have created a new label called 'fashion, or the lack thereof' or 'fashion death' or something similarly eerie sounding. Today seems to have been full of mini fashion deaths for me, from seeing a pink shutter-shaded, be-Croc'd overall sporting outfit, to my friend declaring he's officially going to someday buy a pure white Nike tracksuit. I can forgive the latter but not the former.

I digress - the downfall of my generation - I have narrowed it down to a few key suspects ;

1. The never-ending need to combine a laptop, camera, phone, video recorder and music player into one item - be it a phone, or an iPod, or whichever can be manufactured into the smallest conceivable size. Manufacturers' egos must still be so inflated from the initial shrinking of the computer, that they just don't know where to end. They can't stop!
Why is there such a need to combine these perfectly harmless, user friendly items into a half-thought-out, infuriatingly incompetent yet mind boggling piece of tiny machinery? Call me old fashioned, but I like my phone to do one thing, and one thing only - pick up a phone call. I don't feel the need to take snapshots of immeasurably bad quality on it, or have it play music for me, or surf the internet. I have my Nikon D40 to take good quality photos, my fantastically full sized computer to see proper internet pages on (and not have to squint and scroll until I can actually feel my myopia worsening) and a stereo with decent speakers to play music for me. All deserve their rightful place in society, and this cross-breeding should discontinue.

2. Spelling. Or to flesh it out, the lack of appreciation of literature, grammar, and spelling. I shall isolate an incident, to highlight the spelling issue. I was reading an English exam, and while it was well written and interesting, had some discrepancies. I feel I may be slightly persnickety here though, it probably had about twelve spelling mistakes, which is still twelve too many, but - the teacher had not marked any corrections on the misspelt words at all!
I thought English teachers were meant to teach you the correct way to speak, write, read, spell the language? What is even more interesting is that only a few years previous, when I was in the schooling system, good spelling was something to be proud of, and it was pointed out if you misspelt words.
Apparently nowadays it does not matter however, because the language is 'evolving'.
The lack of encouragement in reading is so sad also. Everyone knows too much about this issue already, so I won't bore you with already-heard details. I've always been an avid reader. Books are better than friends - yes, they might occasionally disappoint you, but they take far less effort to deal with.

3. 'Comfort' clothing - also known as Crocs, Uggs, tracksuits of all textures and tastes and tones, and the atrocity that are 'Snuggies' - a nightmare that I would have never dreamt of - alas, I was informed of their existence just a few minutes ago. Why is there such a need to be comfortable all of a sudden? This comfort revolution has exploded on the scene before - the happy hippy times of the 1960's. Thankfully power shoulders and pearls reeled the damage in effectively in the 1980's. Slowly the laziness has crept back up, almost unnoticed - everyone was astounded at Uggs when they really hit the mainstream. But now that the furore has died down, it appears the furore made no difference - everywhere you look, you can see sheepskin lined lump feet. I can only hope that the next decade will whip the population back on track.
One must wonder what actually runs through the mind of the consumer. Apparently, it is a battle of the wills, loveliness against laziness. The never-ending quest for the next unflattering and horrendous - yet comfortable! - item never ceases to dismay me. The only die-hard it seems is high heels.
Enter the Consumer ; 'Down with starched shirts, fitted skirts, tight jackets, tailored clothing, stiff hairdos, precise make-up application, suitable accessories! Let us muddle around in our polycotton shapeless bags, and lie on Fatboys in our well worn Uggs!'
A pair of Uggs once entered the household I live in. They are gone now. I refused to accept the fact that they appeared, and merely through a battle of the wills, I won. They knew their place was not in my presence. In my time, I have conversed also with the Ugg-wearing denizens of the comfort club - they seem to have a penchant for chipped nail polish.
Oh yes, Fatboys. How does one perch elegantly on a Fatboy? Is it feasible? They are like some kind of inane cousin of a beanbag, and apparently they are designer. Is it possible to make a designer bean bag? Seemingly, it is. I personally am thinking about bringing out a line of designer wellingtons - oh wait, that's already been done. I will have to retire to my (delightfully straight backed and stiff) chair to try and dredge up some more horrors that my thoughtful mind works so hard to eradicate from my memory.
I believe my mind only wants to store memories and images from the range of slightly below average to chic, and therefore some true heinousness I may have accidentally been exposed to is removed in a few days. For instance, Snuggies. I am sure I must have seen this nightmare, yet I can't seem to remember it. I bet lots of happy, cuddly, inoffensive, middle-aged yet spritely looking people were endorsing them on a cushy lump couch, looking smug in their Snuggies next to a scented candle and a box of 'naughty' chocolates. This is why I tend to not watch television, people actually pay for things like Snuggies to be advertised on their station. It actually pains me to type that word so I shall wrap this up now. I was conversing with a charming lady about the atrocities, and she summed it up quite nicely - 'Yes, they're comfy, but drugs make you feel good also and you'll regret both of them in five years.'

I have come to the conclusion now that I am officially old fashioned, and have the mindset of someone many decades older than me. I despair at new technology, I want the school system to stay the way it was 'in the old days', and I like to be dressed charmingly because appearances are everything. Trés passé, c'est vrai - et démodé, non?


  1. 1. I agree with this for a very practical reason. What happens when you lose your phone or you forget it? There are some people who treasure their phones like their lives, which is fine I suppose, but I had a classmate who made her mother come all the way to school just to deliver her phone and I have had gatherings at which some people's eyes have never left their phones.

    2. This situation is probably not going to get any better soon. No one even cares whether you can string a sentence together, as long as they get your point. In university, tutors tell you to write down your ideas in point form when you run out of time which makes you wonder what happened to the value of an argument.

    That said, I must admit to typing entirely in lowercase when blogging because I like how it looks.

    3. Similar to the cause behind 2, there seems to be a disrespect for place and occasion. Dressing for the mood really sets the tone for work and play. No one pays close attention to each other.

  2. Oh how come I didn't know your blog before?! I love it!
    I agree with all you say here, most of all the spelling bit. I live in France and people can barely speak french anymore here, it's so depressing. About "comfortable" clothes, I find them so disrespectful and it means losing an important bit of social communication.
    I'm not a technology or gadget addict but I must confess though I just bought an Iphone and yes, I find it amazing...

    Anyway, I'm adding your blog to my favourites!


  3. well,,actually i thought about those topics recently,,
    the world keep on moving, the culture, fashion,everything.
    but the best deal is don't let modernization change us,,


  4. PS: "don't let modernization change us,,"
    which is means into way bad sides,

  5. You'll love this: E.B.White - "Unless someone is willing to entertain notions of superiority, the English language disintegrates, just as a home disintegrates unless someone in the family sets standards of good taste, good conduct, and simple justice."

  6. I agree with the cellphone and the grammar, everyone has forgotten... but what does dress comfy does to other? it doesn't kill you, it doesn't make you ill or something that is bad... it's just a form of expression, but of course there are times to wear it, but anyways everyone has the right to dress as you want.... why does EVERYBODY has to dress impecable with haute couture things and super killing high heels, don't misunderstood me i love high heels but wearing them all time is bad for health, you've to be more open minded and worry about things that really care like finish with the wars, drugs, illness, the desnutrition, poor people, etc.... not everything is about appareance.

    p.s. i really love that you're a fashionista and all but you don't have to be so close, anyway everything i said is in a good way, and sorry if i'm not the perfect writer, english is not my mother language.

  7. What year of school was the student who did the exam in? I think teachers are reluctant to be too pedantic about spelling because it can discourage weaker students. There is a lot of exception given to spelling in exams too, as long as it can be read it is generally okay. That said, it seems strange that a teacher wouldn't even write the correct spelling of misspelled words, I think that's pretty much down to bad teaching. I'm still in school and any misspellings in assignments for english are always corrected.

  8. Audrina ; If you don't appreciate my deadpanning, read something else.

    Rachel ; 14-15 year olds - I commented on it mainly because the person in question is very talented at creative writing and English. I find it incredulous how much the standards have dropped in that past few years.

  9. I just found your blog via lookbook— fantastic. I love that you're not just into fashion!

    I completely agree with the spelling/grammar issue. I once seriously considered breaking up with a guy when he repeatedly confused "their," "there," and "they're."

    To the comfort clothing point: There's a big difference between comfortable and sloppy. I would describe Uggs, Crocs, and tracksuits as sloppy, not to mention ugly. They show that the person put absolutely no thought into what they're wearing. I think they also affect the mood of the wearer. I know that the better I am dressed, the more professional and productive I feel. I don't think everyone's cut out for haute couture, but it's not hard to find comfortable AND stylish clothing.

    - Catherine at Littlehouse of Style

  10. Catherine ; Ah! I agree wholeheartedly with the there their they're issue... It actually pains me to see something like 'I saw my friends today, there so cool! We went to the cinema and stayed they're for ages'...
    To your comfort clothing point - I also agree, that's why I wrote comfort as 'comfort' in the initial heading.

  11. It's lovely to see such passionate writing from a predominently fashion-orientated blog, I find it very refreshing! I loved reading this post - please keep writing because i'm afraid i've become hooked! Lovely :) xo

  12. Haha, this is hilarious, and I totally agree with you on all points.

    But, oh my god, I had never heard of a "snuggie" before and had to google it - do people actually wear those things!? Hahaha, it's definitely the worst thing I've seen since the crocs.

  13. Absolutely brilliant! I just found your blog today and it's comforting to know that there are still young people out there with good taste and sense.

    I live in California where I'm always "overdressed" (and occasionally even berated for it) because I don't live in pink sweatpants, or ultra-short shredded shorts and Uggs. Also, the vast majority of schools have cut their art programs. It's only getting worse... :(

  14. i just accidentally stumbled across your blog, and i completely agree with this post. every single point you make is a re-articulation of something i have thought, re-thought and over-thought. and because i don't want to exhaust you by writing tons of disparate comments all over the place, i'll just say here that i think you're completely gorgeous and have fantastic style.