I just woke up maybe half an hour ago, and the fear of the flu were correct... I'm going to stay in bed all weekend sniffling I think.
Here is on of my favourite shoots by Antonella Arismendi, 'Jackie'.


  1. get well soon!

    and make some make-up tutorials for total dummies like me;]

  2. WowWowClouds ; Thank you! Is there any particular make-up look you would like me to do?

  3. Any eye make-up would do! I have been invited in a 20's party, and think it would be nice to look presentable:] As far as I know, 20's are "famous" for dark eyes and dark lips look. But any darker look would do!

    I'm particularly confused when it comes to applying an eye-shadow... I've read it like million times, but still can't grasp the essence. If you could do a step-by-step tutorial, I would be totally grateful!

    Just some ideas... I mean, it's YOUR blog, so it's you who decides what to write about:]