Outfit 29.11

Another week draws to a close... I've barely done anything of interest this week! Life gets very slow in small towns in wintertime, so forgive me for my lack of words.
I'm at be beginning of a Beatles kick again lately! (I go through phases of listening to certain genres, but the Beatles always get their own... with some ? & The Mysterians on the side) I want to post about 20 of my favourite Beatles songs here! But I'll post the very first song of theirs that I ever heard when I was first really 'getting into' music.
I love to sing along to music, so all their songs are so perfect. I do remember watching The Yellow Submarine when I was about 8 though and having terrifying nightmares about the blue meanies - I think that's what they were called. I can't bring myself to watch it in case it happens again!

I'd like to post some ? & The Mysterians, but I can't find any of the songs that I love on Youtube... but do look them up! Try 'Love me Baby', 'Don't Hold it Against Me' or 'Just like a Rose'.

Sgt. Pepper - The Beatles

Here is some ABBA as well - ahhh they are so great! I just want to dance when I hear them. I don't usually like remixes, but A-Teens have done some great ABBA remixes.


Here are some pictures... I tried to get photos of my make-up, but my camera didn't want to focus properly today... ah so sick of it getting dark so early! Here it is on Lookbook, clothes are listed there.


  1. Wow, I love your style, really inspiring!
    You really have a great blog :D


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  2. amazing - photos, clothes, You! so beautiful!!! luv Your blog!!!! we want more of those wonderful photos !!! :P

  3. I love The Beatles & ABBA too. Amazing artists!

    That outfit is ADORABLE. You have the cutest little body! :)

  4. Gorgeous makeup and look! I love your use of black and white, it's never tiring, always different and bold. The makeup is stunning as usual ;)
    Can't get enough of the Beatles. They're amazing.

  5. You look impossibly wonderful!!! I love it!

  6. This are totally perfect!
    all goes so well and charming... the gloves was a classic touch :)
    and your hair looks amazing

    I just wish see your shoes too LOL
    I'm a shoes lover


  7. Thank you everyone!

    Marce ; Ah, I'm appreciative you notice the black & white variations - I've been working the duochrome look for years now, it never gets old in my opinion. Cheers!

    Nat ; I know, I'm a huge shoe lover too! I take my photos myself so it's a bit difficult to do full length shots, but the next look I do I'll post my shoes for you ;D

  8. Hey, can I ask in witch country do you live? :)

  9. My family and I live in Ireland (but I'm not Irish...!)

  10. Lovely Blog!
    I am officially a follower now. :)

    Suzzy ♥


  11. My God, you´re the most beautiful person I´ve ever seen.

  12. On the first picture, you look completely like Scarlett Johansson.

    Very beautiful.

  13. YOUR FACE IS BEAUTIFUL AND I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!