Outfit 20.11

My weekend will be full of dance! I'm going to see one of my friends preform tonight, and this weekend I'm going to see the Nutcracker Ballet - I can't wait! One of my first memories as a child is seeing it in Boston, I must have been 4 or so.
I remember my mum bought me on of my favourite dress-up outfits too after, a turquoise ballet outfit - it had a stretchy sleeveless top with embellishments and a dark blue toned green satin skirt.

Yet another of my outfits! Here is the link for it on Lookbook.
Make-up wise I'm wearing #35 lashes, Cyber lipstick and So This Season lipgloss. I love the purple lip trend this season!


  1. wow!!! so beautiful, dark, mysterious, captivating!

    are you going to dance in those boots?;P

  2. Absolutely LOVE the way you take your photos! Amazing!

  3. whoa! fierce shoes, love it! :)


  4. you always dress very beautifully. but i think what really makes your outfit, is your outrageous, beautiful makeup.

  5. You are pretty much selling Cyber in this photo. I want to pick myself up a tube now! Where on earth did you get those shoes?! They're amazing <3