I watched a movie that terrified me so much last night that I couldn't move off the couch for an hour until my boyfriend came back home and shook me out of it... I'm very scared of the dark, and being left alone at nighttime - so those two factors couple with a movie that was honestly like it had been lifted clear out of one of my nightmares, was not a good combination. I dream very vividly, usually nightmares... I'm always afraid that they're somehow going to become real, or that something is real within them, because I often dream things that eventually happen too, which is upsetting.

Here's the trailer - it's been really censored, the movie was actually so terrifying for me to watch that I'm trying to make myself forget the entire story.
Critically, it's very original and enigmatic. The movie is not set out in a linear style, which I personally like. The main character, played by Thora Birch, is a young woman trying to get pregnant (this aspect of the movie does move along at a regular, linear pace.) However, her dream world is a dark, surrealistic and horrifying place - she is repeatedly tortured, experiences trauma and has a 'monster' stalking her in her sleep.
The colour levels in the dream/other world are also vastly different, in the other world the colours are clear and bright, and everything is very clean and simple - the dream world has yellow skies, murky colours, dirty lavatories, grime and rot everywhere.

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  1. That movie looks horrifying. I think I'm going to have nightmares just from seeing whatever it was that crawled from under her bed :( *tear. I have very vivid dreams and my dreams have turned into reality before so I know where you are coming from. Good luck with the pound shedding! It's so much harder for me now that winter is approaching. I'd much rather be outside.