Good morning! (or whichever time zone you all may be in...) I'm just waiting around for the mail to arrive currently. Should most likely be posting make-up and more later on in the day.

I used to make a lot of my clothes when I was younger. I don't know why I stopped?! Lack of the quality of 'being rich' in my life has led to me thinking more and more about beginning to sew a lot again. One of the things that is putting me off unfortunately is that without an hour and a half of travel, I can't go to any fabric shops... I like to feel and see fabric properly before purchasing it, as monitors are often very misleading.
These latest creations that I've seen though - so beautiful! I'd love to try emulate (in an obviously less professional quality) some of these clothes.

I found this designer on Style Bubble's blog, she's amazing! Clare Tough... Her SS10 collection is really beautiful, in particular some gorgeous lingerie.

Katie Gallagher - I love the tights in the second picture, such a great concoction and play with sheer fabrics.

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