Vlada's Walk

I was watching the video for Versace SS10 again, and I'm so confused with myself... I'm a monochrome girl, I loathe prints, and always have. I've never even liked Versace that much (aesthetically appreciative, yes, personal style taste no)
My confusion stems from the fact that I'm in love with all the looks in this show (skip on the handbags though...) even though nothing in it fits my criteria for what I like to wear.
My favourite look is this. Maybe they'll make a version in black ;D I have a thing for sheer fine mesh material, particularly on tops. I wear semi-see through tops most days... current obsession is lace bodysuits. So good for layering!

The pant suits are interesting too, especially the print on them. I never wear trousers though... I own one pair, and they are jogging pants, for when I'm being lazy on the sofa, watching terrible chav programs on BBC3.
Similarly, I own one pair of flat shoes - more for nostalgia than anything. They are a pair of steel toe, 12 eyelet black Dr Martens. I wore these shoes nearly ever day for well on 3 years - I had a school uniform, black shoes were regulation. (There were some months of straying into dodgy territory, such as a pair of black wooden soled clogs, but the less said about them the better.) They have seen many great events, and many more events that should be forgotten, but shall remain tainting them, until a time comes when my embarrassment/pain becomes comedy to me and I can laugh in the face of the memoir boots.

I digress - Vlada has the perfect walk too, it's official. I love how she leans back slightly when she's strutting.

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