Lakiaispulla & more...

I made laskiaispulla today! They are a traditional Finnish recipe, it's a cardamom bun with cream and almond filling. Mmmm. So nice, I want to eat them all in one sitting... They are usually eaten in February but I had a craving for some today ;D

I've also been listening to Emalkay today, his music is sick! Two of my favourite tracks below.
I remember the first time I heard Explicit (on a Hellfire Machina podcast) I went crazy trying to find the track because I loved it so much. But instead of 'I beat motherfuckers' I was hearing 'Happy motherfuckers'... Looked everywhere for it for maybe 3 days until I was enlightened... ;D It's a heavy as fuck tune, check it out! Mecha also a monster... loving the drop.

Emalkay - Mecha

Emalkay - Explicit

I've been so disappointed with the movies I've watched lately, all don't really strike my fancy or make and pattern of thought I have change... or interest me much at all, so I've been watching re-runs of my favourites. In particular Requiem for a Dream. I'll never get tired of this movie, it's so moving and beautiful!
Movies I can't wait to see however are The September Issue and Julie & Julia. Why else but because I love Vogue and I love Julia Child (who, as a bonus is played by Meryl Streep, whom I also adore as an actress.)
I tend to read cookbooks a lot (even though I try and restrain myself sometimes, because I become too tempted to try and cook everything...) I have 2 of Julia Child's books, her onion soup recipe is not to be believed... Mmmm. I'm also liking Harumi Kurihara's books, I received one as a gift 2 years ago (Harumi's Japanese Home Cooking). It's now covered in various food and liquid splashes from it's continuous use... I love it! I've bought a few more of her books now and I must say the do not disappoint.

Trailer for The September Issue

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